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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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physical connectionPhysical Connections

Physical connection means a connection between a public community water system and any unapproved water supply.  Such physical connections constitute a public health hazard and are controlled by backflow prevention device assemblies comprised of multiple interacting flow direction limiting and testing valves. This program protects the community water system from contamination via unapproved water supply by requiring installation and testing of backflow prevention devices (i.e. reduced pressure zone backflow preventers and double check valve assemblies) installed at the service connection from the community water system where they enter a facility, generally immediately after the service connection water meter, and for fire service before the alarm check and siamese connection. Testing must be completed by a certified tester with a valid backflow prevention device tester certificate (see below).

New Jersey regulations require a Physical Connection Permit be obtained by the owner of a facility where the physical connection installation is to be made with a community water supply (Physical Connection Permits are not required for private residences). A Physical Connection Permit has to be renewed annually and requires each backflow prevention device covered by the permit to be tested quarterly and internally inspected annually. To apply for a Physical Connection Permit, complete the appropriate application forms (below). Further information on cross connection control is available in the EPA Cross Connection Control Manual (below).

Physical Connection Permit Online Processing
An online process is available for the renewal of physical connection permits. Information and instructions can be obtained on our Electronic Permitting page for NJDEP | DEP Online Business Portal.

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