State Services & Resources

Mental Health Consumer Resources
NJ Directory of Adult Mental Health Services

Crisis and Mental Health Screening Centers 
Mental Health Services & Treatment Resources

Perinatal Mood Disorders & Postpartum Depression

Home Visitation Services
(In Home Parent Preparation and Education Services)

Family Support Services for Special Situations & Parent Challenges 
2nd Floor (Confidential and Anonymous Youth & Young Adult Helpline) 

Sexual Harassment, Violence & Assault (NJ State Police Victim Services)

Federal Resources

Coping with Stress

For Moms: Coping with Stress 
For Dads: Parenting & Support 

Strategies for Healthy Marriages 

Harassment in the Workplace 
Discrimination in the Workplace 

National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institute for Mental Health 

Family Violence Prevention & Services

Community Resources

Postpartum Depression, Services & Helpline
24 Hour Helpline dedicated to Maternal, Child & Family Health Issues
Postpartum Depression Counselors & Multi-Language Translation Services are available.
1 800 328-3838

24 Hour Helpline for Mothers with Children with Special Needs 
Provides mom-to-mom support for mothers as caregivers, including mental health & wellness needs.
1-877-914-6662 (1-877-914-MOM2) 

Special Situations & Family Challenges

Stress Busters 

Military Families 
Teen Moms & Dads  
Incarcerated Parents 

Foster Care & Adoption 
Parents with Disabilities 

Separation and Divorce
Career & Family Transitions 

Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence 
Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect 
Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment 

Perinatal Loss & Bereavement, Information & Resources 
Pregnancy, Newborn & Infant Loss, Parent Support Groups (The SIDS Center of New Jersey)