Casino Services Unit

  • The Casino Services Unit (CSU) is responsible for maintaining the Casino Gaming Bureau’s criminal reports, evidence and court documents. In addition, it designs and implements computer files, reports, and programs for the processing of analytical, investigative, and bureau administrative data. CSU personnel also coordinates the use and maintenance of computer equipment, programs, and files within the Casino Gaming Bureau.
  • CSU is responsible for the intake, retention, storage, and security of all investigative reports generated by the Casino Gaming Bureau averaging 1,900 cases per year.
  • CSU is responsible for the intake, retention, storage, and security of all bureau evidence.
  • The monetary value of evidence retained by CSU averages $420,000.00 per year.
  • CSU completes quarterly audit and inventory of evidence room.
  • CSU ensures all evidence is processed, handled, and disposed in accordance with New Jersey State Police rules and regulations.
  • CSU ensures discovery requests are properly processed through the New Jersey State Police Criminal Justice Records Bureau prior to dissemination to other agencies or defense attorneys.
  • CSU is responsible for generating and duplicating video and audio tapes upon request for discovery, trial purposes, investigative tool, and training.
  • CSU utilizes the Casino Control Act and the Casino Control Commission’s Rules and Regulations.
  • CSU is responsible for the processing of orders of expungement by extraction and isolation of all records on file within the bureau pertaining to the petition(s) in accordance with New Jersey State Police Rules and regulations.


Open Public Records Act
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