Department of Transportation

Construction Activities

June to December 2021
I-295 from Essex Ave to Route 42
  • Construction of retaining walls, ground improvements, noise barriers and piers
  • Ramp construction
I-295 from Route 42 to Route 168
  • Construction of retaining walls, bridge abutments, ground improvements, and piers.
  • Pavement construction of new I-295.
  • Wall 22 rebuild
Route 42 from Creek Road to Browning Road
  • Shoulder reconstruction
  • Construction of retaining walls, bridge abutment, ground improvements, noise walls, and piers.
Browning Road
  • Construction of Temporary Browning Road Bridge, including utility work and approaches to prepare for a traffic shift. Prepare for demolition of existing Browning Road Bridge

NOTE: Due to the need to maintain the existing number of traffic lanes during peak periods, on occasion there will be work done at night. Nighttime lane closures will occur periodically throughout construction

*Subject to contractor schedule and weather.

Last updated date: May 28, 2021 12:53 PM