Department of Transportation

Construction Contracts

Moving forward through Final Design and the proposed construction schedule the construction of the Direct Connection project has been divided into four individual construction contracts plus an Advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) contract. The construction schedule is based on the current Fiscal Year 2016 Capital Program and is subject to change.

Advance ITS Contract - The ITS Contract (pdf 898k) will ensure communications of all existing ITS devices are maintained including Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and travel time systems along each approach to the interchange. The ITS Contract began in Fall 2012 and is complete.

contract breakout map
Contract breakout map (pdf 9m)

Contract 1 - Contract 1 construction (pdf 2.2m) includes work along I-295 south of Essex Avenue and along I-76 and Route 42, Ramp E and Ramp F. It replaces the Creek Road and Bell Road bridges and constructs a temporary widening that is needed for the stage construction of the interchange. Contract 1 began in March 2013 was completed in November 2016.

Contract 2 - Contract 2 construction (pdf 1.6m) includes work along I-295, north of Browning Road, a portion of Ramp C and Ramp D. Contract 2 began in June 2014 and was completed in July 2019.

Contract 3 - Contract 3 construction (pdf 1.8m) will focus on completing the I-295 mainline direct connection, Browning Road and Ramp A. I-295 southbound will be partially opened at the end of Contract 3. Contract 3 began April 2017. Contract 3 will also include the relocation of 12 units within the Bellmawr Park Mutual Housing Corporation.

Contract 4 - Contract 4 construction (pdf 1.6m) will include the completion of work along I-76/Route 42, I-295 northbound, Ramp B and the remainder of Ramp C and Ramp F. Contract 4 is scheduled to begin after Contract 3 is completed and is expected to take four years.

Last updated date: June 10, 2022 12:25 PM