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Alternative G2
(short list)

Alternative G2 begins in the vicinity of the Grenloch Secondary Railroad Bridge over I-295. The southbound and northbound lanes of I-295 align over top of each other as an over–and-under viaduct and shift south. The I-295 viaduct alignment is elevated to cross over all of the ramps as well as I-76 and Browning Road. I-295 crosses over I-76 on a skewed alignment and then diverges and lowers in elevation to meet the existing I-295 pavement following the same alignment as in Alternative D to a point just north of the Creek Road Bridge. I-295 southbound is a fourth level viaduct and northbound is a third level viaduct at the Route 42 and Browning Road crossings. I-295 southbound passes over Bell Road, whereas, I-295 northbound passes under Bell Road.

Vehicles on Route 42 whose destination is I-295 northbound, exit on Ramp A. Ramp A crosses under Ramp E and then crosses over Route 42 northbound before joining the elevated I-295 northbound alignment just north of Browning Road, similar to Alternative D.

Ramp B provides the movement from southbound I-295 to northbound
I-76. Ramp C provides the movement from southbound I-295 to southbound Route 42. Ramps B and C exit I-295 from the right. Ramp B follows a similar alignment to its existing alignment to meet I-76 northbound. Ramp C crosses under Ramp D, I-76, Browning Road, and
I-295 to connect with Route 42 north of the Creek Road Bridge.

Ramp D is the move from I-76 southbound to I-295 northbound. Ramp D exits I-76 in much the same way that it does now. The Ramp D alignment crosses over I-76, over Ramp C, and under I-295 before merging with
I-295 northbound south of Bell Road.

Northbound I-295 traffic heading north on I-76 utilizes Ramp E which follows essentially the same alignment as it does now.

Southbound I-76 traffic heading to I-295 southbound utilizes Ramp F. Ramp F diverts from I-76 from the right (existing exit is from the left), and then passes under Browning Road. Ramp F first runs parallel to Ramp C and then runs adjacent to I-295 southbound. Ramp F rises from a depressed section at Browning Road to an elevated structure as it ties into I-295 southbound prior to Essex Avenue.

A summary of design features of this alternative are:

  • Southbound I-295 placed above northbound I-295 using a double-decker configuration
  • I-295 crosses over Route 42/I-76 on a viaduct on a skew
  • I-295 on viaduct over Ramp C and Browning Road
  • I-295 on viaduct over Ramp D
  • Ramp D on viaduct over I-76/Route 42 and Ramp C
  • Two lane ramps except for Ramp F
  • Removes express/local lanes on I-76 westbound
  • I-295 posted speed limit: 55 mph (design speed: 60 mph)
  • Ramp speed limits: 40 mph (design speed: 45 mph)
Alternative G2 Map
Alternative G2 Map (pdf 495k)

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