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Office of Diversity and Inclusion


It is my pleasure to welcome you to this site where you can learn about the exciting initiatives and activities taking place in New Jersey to leverage one of the state's most valuable assets - it's diversity.

New Jersey may be the 4th smallest state, but we're big in people. We are home to the densest population in the U.S. and ranked as one of the most diverse states in the country. Nearly 45% of New Jersey's 8.9 million residents are people of color.

Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises comprise over half of the firms in state, with 237,242 minority owned firms and 252,944 women owned firms. Notably, one-third of all New Jersey business owners are foreign-born, with almost half of "Main Street" businesses owned by immigrants. The diversity of our state is one our key strengths that drives productivity, innovation and growth.

Against this backdrop, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is an integral part of the Governor's administration and platform to ensure a stronger and more equitable New Jersey. As you explore this page you will quickly learn that #NJConnects appropriately captures the synergy that has become a driving force in the policies and administration of New Jersey state government. From the diversity reflected in our Senior Cabinet leaders, to the issuance of multi-million-dollar deals with Minority, Women, Veteran and LGBTQIA+ business owners in both construction, goods and professional services, New Jersey is on the move to increasing our gains and harnessing the state's most valuable asset - its diversity.

Candice M. Alfonso, Esq.
Chief Diversity Officer
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Last Updated: Wednesday, 01/04/23