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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

Alternate Names

After a business entity has been established or receives authorization to do business in New Jersey, it may legally do business under an alternate name once the alternate name is registered. This applies to profit and non-profit corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships. The selection of the alternate name is not subject to name availability requirements as those for the business entity name. Although the registration of the alternate name will not provide exclusive rights to its usage, it will legally link the name to the corporate entity and enable the business to use the alternate name for financial, advertising and other business purposes. The fee is $50.00 per transaction. The registration of the alternate name will be effective for five years and may be renewed for five-year periods. Form C-150G is available to register an alternate name for all entity types. This document replaces forms C-150, LP-105 and L-115. Renewals are now available online. Form C-150R is also available to renew an alternate name.

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Fax Filing


Fax Filing Service User Manual

Expedited service providing processing within 8.5 business hours is available for these transactions received by FAX, in person or by Courier Service. The fee for this optional service is $15.00 per transaction for corporations, non-profits and LPs and $25.00 per filing for LLCs. This fee is in addition to other charges.


  • Register the alternate name before using it. Otherwise, a fee for the registration plus an additional filing fee of $50.00 for each year the name was in use will be assessed. A portion of a year is considered a full year.
  • When renewing an alternate name, be exact. For example, if the word "Corporation" was used originally, do not abbreviate it on the renewal
  • Renewals may be submitted within three months prior but not later than the expiration of the alternate name.
  • Alternate names are for entities, i.e. Corporations, LLC’s and LP’s only. Sole proprietors and partnerships may use a trade name that will be registered in the county the business is located.
  • There are no statutory provisions for a limited liability partnership to use an alternate name.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12/10/19