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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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  • NJDEP’s core mission is and will continue to be the protection of the air, waters, land, and natural and historic resources of the State to ensure continued public benefit.  The Department’s mission is advanced through effective and balanced implementation and enforcement of environmental laws to protect these resources and the health and safety of our residents.   

    At the same time, it is crucial to understand how actions of this agency can impact the State’s economic growth, to recognize the interconnection of the health of New Jersey’s environment and its economy, and to appreciate that environmental stewardship and positive economic growth are not mutually exclusive goals: we will continue to protect the environment while playing a key role in positively impacting the economic growth of the state. 

    Highlighting some of the DEP Programs that Support Sustainability


    Reduce air pollution from vehicles.

       Become educated about radon in the home.

    • Test your home for radon.
    • Take steps to reduce radon in your home.

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    Learn more about your drinking water
    Where does it come from and how is it kept safe?

    Take action to conserve water inside and outside the home.

    Protect water quality in the garden.

    Manage stormwater with less impacts to the environment.


    The Green Acres Program – Preserving & Enhancing New Jersey’s Great Outdoors since 1961.

    Enjoy Your Green Acres!

    Experience New Jersey Trails!

    View the NJ Open Space Map!

    Natural and Historic Resources

    Visit a State Park or Forest Near You!

    Protect trees on your property and in your community!

    Protecting the Environment

    Compliance and Enforcement’s (C&E) mission is to ensure that New Jersey’s environment is clean, safe, enjoyable, and maintained for future generations. 

    You can help – Together we can stop illegal dumping in New Jersey!

    Creating Resilient Communities

    We cannot control when or where the next hurricane, flood or other unexpected event will strike, but we can save lives and reduce property damage by understanding the risks and taking action to address those risks. 

    Blue Acres Floodplain Acquisitions Program - A program to acquire flood-prone land in the State of New Jersey, and to dedicate those lands that are purchased for recreation and conservation purposes.

    The NJ FRAMES project is a regional and collaborative effort in coastal Monmouth County, NJ that seeks to understand and begin to address our future flood vulnerability.

    Review your community’s coastal vulnerability here and use the New Jersey’s Coastal Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping Protocol.

    Learn more about Living Shorelines.


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