Water Resource Data Sets

Reliably-collected, scientific data support Commission management programs and help evaluate emerging threats to the water resources of the basin.

  • DRBC's monitoring programs (sampling surface water, sediment and fish tissue) help to protect and restore water quality in the Basin by providing a mechanism to evaluate how water quality criteria are being met and allow for data to be assessed. Data collected serve as the foundation for the Delaware River & Bay Water Quality Asessment Reports.

  • DRBC also collects data on how water is used by various sectors (e.g., public water supply, industry, power generation) in order to evaluate water use and project trends in the Basin.
Download Data Sets for Select DRBC Monitoring Projects

DRBC data sets can be viewed and downloaded via the National Water Quality Portal, which allows users to pre-package database queries into URL’s for immediate download of project specific data. Below are links to monitoring location and analytical results for selected DRBC monitoring projects. Download of the data file will start immediately upon clicking the link.

Project Description


DRBC Contact

Location Data Download

Analytical Results Data Download

Lower Delaware Existing Water Quality Monitoring*




Analytical Results

Lehigh Watershed Nutrient Monitoring in Support of QUAL2K Model




Analytical Results

Scenic Rivers Monitoring Program (Upper and Middle Delaware)*




Analytical Results

Brodhead Watershed Nutrient Monitoring in Support of QUAL2K Model




Analytical Results

Delaware Estuary Water Quality Monitoring Program (Boat Run)




Analytical Results

*These data are also compiled in the Existing Water Quality Atlas of the Delaware River Special Protection Waters.

Select DRBC Water Resource Data using R

DRBC utilizes R scripts as a way to view, analyze, and animate water quality and flow data, in addition to groundwater data for the Southeast Pennsylvania Groundwater Protected Area and New Jersey Critical Area 2.

Data analysis and graphical display using R is becoming a major innovation in water quality studies, especially for large data sets. DRBC is at the forefront of utilizing and sharing results generated by this data tool.

Water Quality Data

Flow Data

  • View graphs of water yields for basin subwatersheds, discharge data for the mainstem Delaware and Schuylkill rivers and surface water elevation in the tidal Delaware River; these plots can be viewed at http://drbc.net/Sky/flows.htm.

  • View DRBC's Dashboard for Hydrologic Data (reservoir storage, streamflow, salt front location; updates once daily): https://hydrosnap.drbc.net

Groundwater Data

Download Water Use and Projection Data

In September 2021, DRBC published a report titled Water Withdrawal and Consumptive Use Estimates for the Delaware River Basin (1990-2017) with Projections through 2060.

The report analyzes 30 years of historic withdrawal data and projects withdrawal demands to the year 2060.

Water Quality Data Explorer Applications

DRBC staff developed the Delaware Estuary Water Quality Monitoring Program (Boat Run) Data Explorer interactive application that allows the user to explore Delaware Estuary water quality data collected from 1999-2016.

DRBC staff developed the DRBC SPW Monitoring Program Data Explorer interactive application that allows the user to explore SPW water quality data collected from 2000-2016. 

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