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About the Office of Apprenticeship

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The New Jersey Apprenticeship Network is focused on driving economic development through skills and educational attainment by concentrating efforts on sector-focused, demand-driven training programs that lead to meaningful employment; attainment of advanced credentials; diversity and inclusion; and sustainable linkages between employer needs, training providers, and the workforce.


By increasing apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship opportunities in the state, New Jersey residents benefit by participating in an ecosystem that provides multiple years of economic support and occupational skills training, leading to sustainable wages and upward mobility. 

Our mission:

  • Develop the New Jersey Apprenticeship Network to facilitate interactions between industry, educational institutions, training providers, and jobseekers;
  • Establish new and expand on existing pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs in NJ that are registered with the United States Department of Labor (USDOL); 
  • Establish pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs in occupations, sectors, or industries in NJ which are not currently registered with the USDOL and are consistent with the strategic focus of the New Jersey Apprenticeship Network;
  • Better align secondary, post-secondary, adult education and occupational training to meet labor demands unique to New Jersey and develop career pathways that lead to economically sustainable wages;
  • Help apprentices earn college credits, access robust career counseling for middle and high school students, and increase diversity and inclusion in apprenticeship programs.