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Memorandums of Agreement
MOA / Intergovernmental Agreement
MOAs currently under consideration
Local Agencies
State Agencies
Federal Agencies, Multi-Agencies and Miscellaneous

MOA / Intergovernmental Agreement

Under normal circumstances, the Pinelands Commission expects that a public agency's development plans will conform to all of the land use [N.J.A.C. 7:50, Subchapter 5] and development standards [N.J.A.C. 7:50, Subchapter 6] of the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan [CMP]. However, there may be instances where a public agency believes that a specific development plan can not conform to all of the CMP's requirements.

Although the Pinelands Commission expects these types of situations to be very rare, the CMP [N.J.A.C. 7:50 - 4.52 (c)] does allow the Commission to enter into an intergovernmental agreement that authorizes a public agency to undertake development activities that are not fully consistent with Pinelands land use and development standards.

The Pinelands Commission recognizes its obligation to exercise this discretionary authority very carefully and, under no circumstance can consider such an agreement unless the relief sought from CMP standards is offset by other measures that will provide at least an equivalent level of protection of the Pinelands.

In order to properly discharge its responsibilities, the Commission's Executive Director works with a committee of Commission members [the Policy and Implementation Committee] to evaluate requests for intergovernmental agreements and, if warranted, prepare a formal agreement for the full Commission's consideration.

This process consists of 12 steps, as outlined in the document below, and may take 12 months or longer to complete:


MOAs currently under consideration

Draft Memorandum of Agreement Between the New Jersey Pinelands Commission and Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Sample Memorandum of Agreement Between the New Jersey Pinelands Commission and Counties Located in the Pinelands Area

Memorandum of Agreement Between the New Jersey Pinelands Commission and the New Jersey Department Of Environmental Protection (concerning forestry activities on state lands)


Local Agencies

Atlantic County

Barnegat Township

  • Barnegat Twp - August 1999
  • Barnegat Twp - Expired MOA - 1996

Bass River Township

Berkeley Township

Buena Borough

Buena Vista Township

Burlington County

Camden County

Dennis Township

Estell Manor

Evesham Township

Folsom Borough

Franklin Township

Galloway Township

Gloucester County

Hamilton Township

Jackson Township

Manchester Township

Maurice River Township

Monroe Township

Mullica Township

Ocean County

Ocean County MUA

Pemberton Township

Shamong Township

Southampton Township

Stafford Township

Tabernacle Township

Waterford Township

Winslow Township


State Agencies

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

New Jersey Council On Affordable Housing

New Jersey Department of Corrections

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Camden County MUA, New Jersey Department of Human Services

NJDEP - Water Quality Management Planning Regulations

NJDEP -  Coastal Area Facility Review Act

NJDEP - Cedar Projects

NJDEP, Fish, Game and Wildlife

NJDEP - Forest Management Plans

NJDEP - Freshwater Wetlands


NJDEP - Hazardous Waste

NJDEP - Pesticide Control

NJDEP - Sludge Management

NJDEP - Southern Ocean Landfill

NJDEP - Southern Pine Beetle

NJDEP - Stream Encroachment

NJDEP and Pinelands Development Credit Bank

NJDEP, New Jersey Conservation Foundation, and Woodland Twp.

NJDEP and Pinelands Development Credit Bank - Cedar Projects

New Jersey Department of Transportation

New Jersey Highway Authority

New Jersey Network

New Jersey State Planning Commission

New Jersey Transit Rail

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

State Agriculture Development Committee

South Jersey Transportation Authority


Federal Agencies, Multi-Agencies and Miscellaneous

 Great Egg Harbor Watershed

Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research

Nature Conservancy

NJ Conservation Foundation, NJDEP, Woodland Township

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Department of Interior, National Park Service

Warren Grove Weapons Range Cooperative Agreement