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Division of Taxation

ANCHOR Canvassing

Due to recent property tax affordability legislation passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Murphy, you may be eligible for significant relief.

The Department of the Treasury is launching a new initiative, the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Outreach Team, to conduct door-to-door outreach and application assistance to residents across the state. Canvassers will provide information and help complete applications for those who need assistance filing for ANCHOR. The Community Outreach Team will be going door-to-door daily throughout the state beginning September 26th, from the hours of 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Please take a moment and answer the questions when someone knocks on your door from the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Outreach Team. All answers are confidential and can help you access up to $1,750 in property tax relief.

Members of the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Outreach Team will be credentialed with identification badges as the “ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Outreach Team.” They will wear blue safety vests while working in the community. The canvasser will ask questions regarding eligibility and use the information to assist residents with their property tax application.

Last Updated: Monday, 10/23/23