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Division of Taxation

Military Personnel & Veterans

New for 2020- Veteran Property Tax Relief Legislative Changes

$250 Veterans Property Tax Deduction - Effective December 4, 2020, State law (P.L. 2019, c. 413) eliminates the wartime service requirement for the $250 Veterans Property Tax Deduction.

100% Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption - Effective December 4, 2020, State law (P.L. 2019, c. 413) eliminates the wartime service requirement for the 100% Totally and Permanently Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption

New for 2021 - Combat Pay

Military pay is taxable for New Jersey residents, including combat zone pay received in 2020 and prior.

For Tax Year 2021 and forward, combat pay is not taxable in New Jersey (P.L. 2020, c. 93). The law excludes military pay for service in a combat zone, or for hospitalization as the result of injury while serving in a combat zone, from income under the New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act. If your combat pay is exempt from federal income tax, it is exempt for New Jersey and should not be reported on a New Jersey Income Tax return (Form NJ-1040, Form NJ-1040NR).

Mustering-out payments, subsistence and housing allowances, and U.S. military pension and survivor's benefit payments are not taxable.

This law is not retroactive. For Tax Year 2020 and prior, combat pay is still taxable income.

Last Updated: Thursday, 06/24/21