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Division of Taxation

Filing a Paper Application (Form ANCHOR-H)

You must file a paper application if:

  • You shared ownership of your main home with someone who was not your spouse/civil union partner and your percentage of ownership is not preprinted on your mailer.
  • Your main home was a unit in a multi-unit property that you owned.
  • You received an ANCHOR information mailer for the correct property, but the name on the mailer is not yours or needs to be changed due to marriage, death, etc.
  • You are a widow(er)/surviving civil union partner and your deed lists both your name and the name of your deceased spouse.
  • You are an executor filing on behalf of a deceased homeowner.
  • You occupied a newly constructed home on October 1 for which you did not receive an ANCHOR mailer with an Identification Number and PIN.
  • You are considered a homeowner for purposes of applying for the ANCHOR benefit, but you were not the actual owner of record on October 1.
  • You and your spouse/civil union partner maintained the same main home and require separate ANCHOR benefit payments.
  • You are filing for a property held in trust. (You are considered an eligible owner of a property owned by a trust if you are a beneficiary, or the deed or trust agreement explicitly states that you have a life estate in the property.)

You are not eligible for a benefit for a vacation home, a "second home," or a property you owned and rented to someone else. If you owned more than one property in New Jersey, only file the application for the property that was your main home on October 1, 2019.

If you must file a paper application, you can print Form ANCHOR-H and mail it along with any necessary supporting documents.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 10/19/22