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Camden Waterfront South,
Camden City, Camden County

In recognition of the petition from Waterfront South, Site Remediation will be working with the Environmental Justice Program going forward. For further information on any of the sites listed below, contact the Office of Community Relations at (609) 984-3081 | (800) 253-5647.

Map of Camden City Waterfront South EJ Petition Area

Active Sites Within South Camden

  1. Molins Machine Langston Div, 2001 S 6th St (PI: 003085) More Info
  2. Clement Coverall Co, 619 Van Hook St (PI: 003460) More Info
  3. Liedtka Trucking, 1535 South Broadway (PI: 009558) More Info
  4. Air Products & Chemicals Inc, 2710 Broadway (PI: 009739)
  5. Camden Iron & Metal, 1500 6th St (PI: 010173) More Info
  6. Camden Paper Board Corp, 267 Jefferson Ave. (PI: 013700; Also US Gypsum - 026656) More Info
    Updated 25 August 2009
  7. Camden Iron & Metal Inc, S Front St & Atlantic Ave (PI: 020838) More Info
  8. Lectronic Research Lab Inc, 1423 Ferry Ave (PI: 020964) More Info
  9. Martin Aaron Incorporated, 1542 Broadway South (PI: 025488) More Info
  10. Plastic Consulting & Mfg Co, 1431 Ferry Ave (PI: 033832 & 033649)
  11. South 6th Street @ Woodland Avenue Drums, S 6th St Woodland Ave (PI: 191111)
  12. Ferry Manor, 2101 Ferry Ave (PI: 252015) More Info
  13. NJDOT Interstate, 676 & Atlantic Ave (PI: 264473)
  14. Kramer Chemicals Inc, Atlantic Ave & Delaware River (PI: G000003900) More Info
  15. 1713 Ferry St., 1713 Ferry St. (PI: G000028301) More Info
  16. Thomas & Muller Co Inc, 1929 South 4th St (PI: G000030943) More Info
  17. Camden Redevelopment Authority Water Front South, 217-237 Atlantic Ave (PI: G000061144) More Info
  18. Camden City Redevelopment Agency, 1625-1647 Broadway & Webster St (PI: G000061147) More Info
  19. Filmore Street, 1617-35 Filmore St (PI: G000061149) More Info
  20. Village Of Hope Phase 2 Project, Carl Miller Blvd & 6th St (PI: G000061150) More Info
  21. Fillmore Street, 2809 Fillmore St (PI: G000061151) More Info
  22. 1702-1710 Broadway, 1702-1710 Broadway (PI: G000061152) More Info
  23. 1743-1755 South 6th Street, 1743-1755 S 6th St (PI: G000061153) More Info
  24. Camden City Redevelopment, 6th St & Railroad Ave (PI: G000061155) More Info
  25. Camden Waterfront South, Woodland & Lester Aves (PI: G000061293)
  26. Camden City Redevelopment Agency, 1600-1618 Broadway (PI: G000061460) More Info
  27. Camden Radiation Site @ Arlington Street, 2007-2033 Arlington St (PI: G000061156) More Info
  28. SL Surface Technologies,1416 South 6th Street (PI: 208356) 12 May 2009 Update

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Map of the Camden Waterfront South EJ Petition Area

A church in the waterfront area Sunset over the South Camden Waterfront Ivy covered building