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Cultural Resources

Historic Resources

The Pinelands has a rich cultural and historic heritage. The area was populated by Indians long before European colonization took place. The physical remains of the historic and prehistoric past need to be protected.

There are two general procedures contained in the Pinelands Plan to accomplish this. For known sites that are widely recognized for their historic import (e.g., those sites listed in the National or State Register of Historic Places), proposed changes in the character of those sites must be carefully reviewed. A "Certificate of Appropriateness" is issued by the Commission if the proposed changes are found to be warranted. In towns which have already had their plans and ordinances certified by the Commission, the town conducts this review.

There is also a general requirement applicable to all "major" development applications (generally five or more dwelling units and commercial establishments) and other, smaller projects located in a historic settlement (village or town) in the Pinelands. To find out if any significant historic or prehistoric resources are present on a development site, a cultural resource survey must be completed by a qualified professional prior to the start of construction. The requirement may be waived if there is little or no likelihood of any historic or prehistoric remains on the site. When this survey discloses the presence of important historic resources, a "Certificate of Appropriateness" must be issued before the development project can proceed.