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Transportation Capital Program
Fiscal Year 2016


The Transportation Capital Program for FY 2016 describes the planned capital investments for the fiscal year starting July 1, 2015. It represents the annual element of the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s and NJ Transit’s ten-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Focusing on the department’s Core Mission—safety, infrastructure preservation, and mobility—this Capital Program outlines projects and programs that rebuild the State’s bridges and roads, provide mass transit services, and reduce congestion by deploying Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology. Safety focused projects and programs are funded at nearly $105 million.

This Capital Program reflects the need to prioritize spending in a difficult economic environment by carefully evaluating transportation needs and targeting limited resources toward safety, fix-it-first and state-of-good-repair initiatives.


The FY 2016 Transportation Capital Program totals $4.984 billion and is funded primarily by the State Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), federal, and third-party resources. This includes a total of $4.034 billion for both NJDOT and NJ Transit and $950 million for Port Authority projects.

State Funds

State funds are programmed at $1.600 billion. This amount includes the TTF, as well as Port Authority of New York and New Jersey resources supporting NJDOT projects.
  • $1.096 billion for NJDOT
    • $743.5 million TTF
    • $353.0 million PANY&NJ
  • $503.5 million TTF for NJ TRANSIT

Federal Funds

Federal revenues for FY 2016 are projected at $2.357 billion. NJDOT’s share of the federal funding is $799.2 million, while NJ Transit’s allotment is $1.558 billion.

Sources of Funds

  1. Reflects projects not under NJDOT lead, but are included because federal financing may assist PANY&NJ’s Rt 278 Goethals Bridge $720 M and Rt 440 Bayonne Bridge $230 M projects.
  2. Reflects projects with NJDOT lead for NJDOT facilities that are receiving a significant level of funding from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


NJDOT’s $2.884 billion Capital Program addresses New Jersey’s transportation needs:
  • The NJDOT program provides $651 million for state and local bridges. Bridge investments range from funding for high-cost bridges to implementation of a variety of rehabilitation programs and local bridge rehabilitations.
  • The NJDOT program provides $323 million dedicated to road assets, including pavement rehabilitation, reconstruction and resurfacing.
  • The NJDOT program provides nearly $105 million for safety improvements. Key programs funded include the Crash Reduction Program, Intersection Improvement Program, Pedestrian Safety Initiatives, Rail-Highway Grade Crossings, and Safe Routes to School Program.
  • The NJDOT program provides $167 million in funds to address highway congestion through infrastructure improvements as well as efforts to better manage traffic and respond to incidents.
  • The NJDOT program provides $79 million for multimodal investments that support maritime, freight, and rail initiatives as well as bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

NJ Transit

NJ Transit’s $2.0995 billion capital program addresses New Jersey’s mass transit needs:
  • The program budget allots over $1.228 billion to address NJ Transit’s state-of-good-repair needs, debt service obligations, preventive maintenance and local programs. The program continues to provide funding to support the replacement of almost 1400 transit-style buses in NJ Transit’s fleet as well as providing funding for ongoing track replacement, bridge and tunnel inspections and improvements, security improvements, signal system upgrades, overhead power line and electric substation upgrades and other rail station and bus terminal improvements throughout New Jersey.
  • The program allocates $871.4 million through the Federal Transit Administration’s Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program for repair, recovery and resiliency projects associated with Superstorm Sandy.

Port Authority Bridges

The Capital Program includes $950 million of PANYNJ funding in support of two Port Authority projects, including $720 million for the Route 278 Goethals Bridge Replacement and $230 million to raise the Route 440 Bayonne Bridge. These projects are shown in this Capital Program to remain consistent with federal budgeting directives.

Local System Support

Local System Support totals $423 million. NJDOT is providing $371.1 million in federal and state funded local system support, which includes the $165 million State Aid Program for municipalities and counties as well as the $25 million Local Bridge Initiatives Program. NJ Transit’s local support totals $51.9 million. Additionally, funds for programs such as Local Safety, High Risk Rural Roads, Safe Routes to School, and Culvert Inspection are programmed on the local system.

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