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The New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) web site has been redesigned to help you navigate quickly and easily. You can find informat box. For information about road study, planning, construction or maintenance projects, refer to the Projects section below.

It is the NJDOT web policy to have archived materials available on our web site for historical reference purposes. Those that are archived are noted as such by having (archived) next to each link on our NJDOT Site Index web page.

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AASHTOWare Project Software (Doing Business)
Access Management Presentation (Doing Business)
Access Permit Application Forms (Doing Business)
Accident Data, Vehicular (Reference Data)
Administrative Offices (About NJDOT)
Advertised Projects (Doing Business)
Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping (Engineering)
Affirmative Action/Civil Rights (Doing Business)
Airports and Heliports Map (pdf 5.1m)
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (archived)
Americans with Disabilities/Section 504 (Doing Business)
Anniversary, NJDOT 50th (About NJDOT)
Annual Transportation Capital Program (Public Law 2013, Chapter 252) (Capital Program)
Approval Numbers - Electrical Engineering (Engineering)
Approved Construction Materials (Engineering)
ArcGIS Interactive Transportation Data Applications (Reference Data)
Asphalt Cement and Fuel Price Index (Doing Business)
Asset Management (About NJDOT)
Audit (Doing Business)
Automated Straight Line Diagram (Reference Data)
Aviation (Freight, Air and Water)
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Baseline Document Changes (Engineering)
Bid Openings (Doing Business)
Bid Price Report - Standard Items (Doing Business)
Bike Compatible Roadways & Bikeways (pdf 161k)
Bike Maps and Routes (Commuter Information)
Bike Safety (Commuter Information)
Bike Tours (Commuter Information)
Bike Trails (Commuter Information)
Biking in New Jersey (Commuter Information)
Blue Ribbon Commission Report (pdf 2.3m) (archived)
Blue Ribbon Executive Summary (pdf 25k) (archived)
Borings, Soil (Reference Data)
Bridge Design Manual (Engineering)
Bridge Inspections (Engineering)
Bridge Report and Capital Investment Strategy, Final (pdf 8.95m) (archived)
Bridge Report and Capital Investment Strategy, Final - Attachment I (pdf 859k) (archived)
Bridge Report and Capital Investment Strategy, Final - Attachment II (pdf 160k) (archived)
Bridge Report and Capital Investment Strategy, Final - Attachment III (pdf 46.7m) (archived)
Bridge Report and Capital Investment Strategy, Final - Governor Letter (pdf 2m) (archived)
Bridge Report, Interim (pdf 3.14m) (archived)
Bus Schedules (Commuter Information)
Byways, Scenic in New Jersey (Community Programs)
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CADD Support (Engineering)
CADD Support - Electrical (Engineering)
Cameras, Traffic (Commuter Information)
Capital Investment Strategy, Statewide FY 2012 - 2021 (pdf 6.7m) (archived)
Capital Investment Strategy, Statewide FY 2011 - 2020 (pdf 1.8m) (archived)
Capital Investment Strategy, Statewide FY 2010 - 2019 (pdf 957k) (archived)
Capital Investment Strategy, Statewide FY 2009 - 2018 (pdf 574k) (archived)
Capital Investment Strategy, Statewide FY 2008 - 2012 (pdf 12.3m) (archived)
Capital Investment Strategy, Statewide FY 2007 - 2011 (pdf 2.5m) (archived)
Capital Investment Strategy, Statewide FY 2005 - 2009 (pdf 649k) (archived)
Capital Program Documents (Capital Program)
Capital Program, Electronic Statewide Transp. Improvement Prog. (ESTIP) FY 2016 - 2025 (Capital Program)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2018 (Capital Program)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2017 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2016 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2016 Map (Capital Program)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2016 Map Help (Capital Program)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2015 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2014 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2013 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2012 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2011 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2010 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2009 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2008 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2007 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2006 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2005 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2004 (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2003 (pdf 2.5m) (archived)
Capital Program, Transportation FY 2002 (pdf 499k) (archived)
Capital Project Delivery (Doing Business)
Civil Rights/Affirmative Action (Doing Business)
Clean Up NJ! (Community Programs)
Commission, Maritime Pilot (Freight, Air and Water)
Commissioner, NJDOT (About NJDOT)
Commissioner's Report, The (archived)
Communications - Wireless (Engineering)
Commuter (Commuter Information)
Complete Streets (Engineering)
Congestion Buster Task Force (archived)
Congestion Report, Traffic (pdf 13.1m) (archived)
Congressional Districts Map (pdf 2.4m) (Reference Data)
Construction Cost Estimation (Doing Business)
Construction Schedule Manual (Engineering)
Construction Updates (Commuter Information)
Consultant Selections (Doing Business)
Contact Information - Subject Matter Experts (Engineering)
Context Sensitive Design (Engineering)
Contractor Assistance (Doing business)
Contractor Payment System Program (Doing Business)
Contractors Prequalified (Doing Business)
Controller Equipment (Engineering)
Corrective Action Notices (Engineering)
Cost Estimation - Construction (Doing Business)
County Maps (Reference Data)
County Road Sidewalk Inventory (Reference Data)
Crash Records (Reference Data)
Cross Sectional Area Charts - Wires and Conduits (Engineering)
Current Advertised Projects (Doing Business)
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Data Technology (Reference Data)
Design Services (Engineering)
Design Summit 2009 (archived)
Design Tools (Engineering)
Directions to NJDOT Facilities (About NJDOT)
Directory (About NJDOT)
Drawbridge Operations Schedule (Commuter Information)
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Electrical Engineering Approval Numbers (Engineering)
Electronic Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (ESTIP) FY 2018 - 2027 (Capital Program)
Emergency Phone Numbers (About NJDOT)
Employment Opportunities (About NJDOT)
Engineering (Engineering)
Environment, Our Projects and the (In the Works)
Environmental Design (Engineering)
Environmental Permits (Engineering)
Events (archived)
Experts, Subject Matter (Engineering)
E-Z Pass Report: A Plan That Works for NJ (pdf 336k) (archived)
E-Z Pass Working for New Jersey: Two Years of Progress (pdf 767k) (archived)
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Fixed Guideway, State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA) (Freight, Air and Water)
Food, Gas, Lodging and Tourism Signs (Doing Business)
Freight Planning (Freight, Air and Water)
Fuel Cell Car (archived)
Fuel Price Index (Doing Business)
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Genesis fuel cell car (archived)
Geographic Information Systems (Reference Data)
Grants and Programs, Multimodal (Freight, Air and Water)
Guidelines for Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping (Engineering)
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Highway Access Permits (Engineering)
Highway Safety (About NJDOT)
Hydrogen powered car (archived)
Hydrology Tools (Engineering)
Hyperbuild (archived)
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Inspector General (About NJDOT)
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) (Engineering)
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Liberty Corridor (In the Works)
Library - Research (Reference Data)
Lighting Equipment - Approved (Engineering)
Lighting Materials - Approved (Engineering)
Local Aid and Economic Development (Doing Business)
Local Aid and Economic Development/Grants (Doing Business)
Long Range Transportation Plan - 2030 (In the Works)
Long Range Transportation Plan - 2025 (pdf 12.3m) (archived)
Luminaires (Engineering)
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Manuals, Codes, Policies (Engineering)
Map, Capital Program, Transportation FY 2016 (Capital Program)
Map Help, Capital Program, Transportation FY 2016 (Capital Program)
Maps (Reference Data)
Maps, Bike Routes (Commuter Information)
Maritime Pilot Commission (Freight, Air and Water)
Maritime Resources (Freight, Air and Water)
Materials - Construction (Engineering)
Meetings, Public (Community Programs)
Mission Statement (About NJDOT)
Mobility and Community Form (archived)
Mobility and Systems Engineering (Engineering)
Motor Vehicle Commission
Motorist Assistance in New Jersey (Commuter Information)
Multimodal Grants and Programs (Freight, Air and Water)
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New Jersey FIT: Future In Transportation (In the Works)
New Jersey Highway Access Management Code (Business)
New Jersey Maritime Pilot and Docking Commission (Freight, Air and Water)
New Jersey Smart Workplaces (archived)
New Jersey Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan (In the Works)
New Technologies and Products (Engineering)
News Releases 2018 (About NJDOT)
News Releases 2017 (archived)
News Releases 2016 (archived)
News Releases 2015 (archived)
News Releases 2014 (archived)
News Releases 2013 (archived)
News Releases 2012 (archived)
News Releases 2011 (archived)
News Releases 2010 (archived)
News Releases 2009 (archived)
News Releases 2008 (archived)
News Releases 2007 (archived)
News Releases 2006 (archived)
News Releases 2005 (archived)
News Releases 2004 (archived)
News Releases 2003 (archived)
News Releases 2002 (archived)
News Releases 2001 (archived)
News Releases 2000 (archived)
News Releases 1999 (archived)
News Releases 1998 (archived)
News Releases 1997 (archived)
News Releases 1996 (archived)
NJ Choices (NJ Long Range Plan) (In the Works)
NJ Commuter (Commuter Information)
Noise Policy Technical Appendix (pdf 16k) (Engineering)
Noise Policy Wall Manual (pdf 183k) (Engineering)
NonProfit Information (Doing Business)
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Obligation Reports (Capital Program)
Obligation Reports (2009-2018) (Archived)
Open Public Records Act (OPRA) (Reference Data)
Organization Chart, NJDOT (About NJDOT)
Outdoor Advertising (Doing Business)
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Papal Visit (archived)
Park and Ride Locator (Commuter Information)
Pavement (Engineering)
Pedestrian Safety (Commuter Information)
People: The Transportation Connection (pdf 299k-1.2m) (archived)
Permits - Environmental (Engineering)
Permits - Highway Access (Doing Business)
Permits - Telecommunication (Doing Business)
Photogrammetric Mapping (Engineering)
Pilot Commission, Maritime (Freight, Air and Water)
Plan Request Form (Doing Business)
Planned Advertisements (Doing Business)
Planning, Freight (Freight, Air and Water)
Political Sub-Division with Roads Map (Reference Data)
Portway (archived)
Pothole Report Form (Commuter Information)
Price Index, Asphalt Cement and Fuel (Doing Business)
Procedures Manual (Engineering)
Procurement (Doing Business)
Products - Approved List (Engineering)
Project Delivery Process "the pipeline" (Engineering)
Project Status (Doing Business)
Projects, Our (In the Works)
Public Meetings (Community Programs)
Publications (About NJDOT)
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Qualified Products (Engineering)
Quality Improvement Advisories (Engineering)
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Rail (Freight, Air and Water)
Railroad Lines Maps (pdf 2.3m) (Reference Data)
Real Time Traffic Information (Commuter Information)
Red Light Running Automated Enforcement (archived)
Reform, Replenish and Grow the Transportation Trust Fund (pdf 2.3m) (archived)
Regional Services Directory (About NJDOT)
Regulations - Traffic (Reference Data)
Research (Reference Data)
Research Library (Reference Data)
Residuals Management (pdf 479k) (Engineering)
Ridesharing (Commuter Information)
Right of Way (Doing Business)
Road Construction Updates (Commuter Information)
Road User Cost Manual (Engineering)
Roadway Data Information, Classifications (Reference Data)
Roadway Design Manual (Engineering)
Roadway Videolog (Reference Data)
Rules and Regulations, Statutory Authority (About NJDOT)
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Safe Routes to School (Community Programs)
Safety, Highway (About NJDOT)
Safety, Pedestrian (Commuter Information)
SAGE (System for Administering Grants Electronically) (Doing Business)
Scenic Byways in New Jersey (Community Programs)
Sidewalk Inventory, County Road (Reference Data)
Sign Structure Inspections (Engineering)
Signals and Small Electrical Hardware (Engineering)
Smart Moves - A Program for NJ Employers (archived)
Smart Workplaces, New Jersey (archived)
Soil Borings (Reference Data)
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Standards (pdf 10m) (Engineering)
Somers Point Circle Elimination, Route 52 Causeway Bridge Replacement (Commuter Information)
Special Look at New Jersey's Transportation System (pdf 317k) (archived)
Special Provisions (Engineering)
Specifications (Engineering)
Speed Humps (Engineering)
Standard Pay Items (Engineering)
State Library - Transportation Branch (Reference Data)
State Maps (Reference Data)
State Transportation Departments (Reference Data)
Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, FY 2012 - 2021 (pdf 6.7m) (archived)
Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, FY 2011 - 2020 (pdf 1.8m) (archived)
Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, FY 2010 - 2019 (pdf 957k) (archived)
Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, FY 2009 - 2018 (pdf 574k) (archived)
Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, FY 2008 - 2012 (pdf 12.3m) (archived)
Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, FY 2007 - 2011 (pdf 2.5m) (archived)
Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, FY 2005 - 2009 (pdf 649k) (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2018 - 2027 (Capital Program)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2016 - 2025 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2014 - 2023 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2012 - 2021 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2010 - 2019 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2009 - 2018 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2008 - 2011 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2007 - 2010 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2006 - 2008 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2005 - 2007 (archived)
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, FY 2004 - 2006 (archived)
Statutory Authority/Rules and Regulations (About NJDOT)
Stimulating New Jersey's Economy (pdf 4.7m) (archived)
Stimulating New Jersey's Economy - NJ TRANSIT Projects (pdf 117k) (archived)
Stimulating New Jersey's Economy - NJDOT Projects (pdf 411k) (archived)
Stimulating New Jersey's Economy - NJTA Projects (pdf 185k) (archived)
Stimulating New Jersey's Economy - SJTA Projects (pdf 21k) (archived)
Straight Line Diagrams (Reference Data)
Straight Line Diagram, Automated (Reference Data)
Structural Evaluations (Engineering)
Study - 65 MPH Report - 18 Month (archived)
Study - 65 MPH Report - 36 Month (pdf 3.7m) (archived)
Study and Development Program FY 2004 - 2005 (archived)
Subject Matter Experts (Engineering)
Survey Manual (Engineering)
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Task Force, Congestion Buster (archived)
Technologies and Products (Engineering)
Tourist Oriented Directional Signing and Specific Service Sign (Doing Business)
Traffic Camera Video Log Request (Doing Business)
Traffic Cameras (Commuter Information)
Traffic Congestion Report (pdf 13.1m) (archived)
Traffic Counts (Reference Data)
Traffic Operations (Commuter Information)
Traffic Regulations (Reference Data)
Traffic Signal and Lighting Hardware (Engineering)
Traffic Signal and Safety (Engineering)
Train Schedules (Commuter Information)
Transit Village Initiative (Community Programs)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2020 (Capital Program)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2019 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2018 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2017 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2016 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program, FY 2016 Map (archived)
Transportation Capital Program, FY 2016 Map Help (Capital Program)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2015 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2014 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2013 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2012 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2011 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2010 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2009 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2008 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2007 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2006 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2005 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2004 (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2003 (pdf 2.5m) (archived)
Transportation Capital Program (TCP) FY 2002 (pdf 499k) (archived)
Transportation Organizations (Helpful Links)
Transportation Systems Management (Engineering) Transportation Trust Fund Authority (Capital Program)
Travel Information, 511NJ (Commuter Information)
Trucking (Freight, Air and Water)
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Vanpool Information (Commuter Information)
Vehicular Accidents Data (Reference Data)
Vendor Help and Payment Vouchers (Doing business)
Venturer Fuel Cell Car (archived)
Videolog, Roadway (Reference Data)
Videos, YouTube (About NJDOT)
Village - Transit Initiative (Community Programs)
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Winter Readiness (About NJDOT)
Wire and Cable - Approved (Engineering)
Wire and Conduit Charts (Engineering)
Wireless Communications (Doing Business)
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I-287/I-78, I-287/Routes 202/206 Interchange Improvements Project (Commuter Information)
I-295/I-76/Route 42 Direct Connection (Commuter Information)
Pulaski Skyway (Commuter Information)
Route 1 Forrestal Road to Aaron Road (In the Works)
Route 7 Wittpenn Bridge (Commuter Information)
Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road and Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchange Improvements Project (Commuter Information)
Route 37 Mathis Bridge over Barnegat Bay (Commuter Information)
Route 72 Manahawkin Bay Bridges Project (Commuter Information)
Route 280, Route 21 Interchange Improvements Project (Commuter Informatioin)
Route 495, Route 1&9/Paterson Plank Road Bridge (Commuter Informatioin)
 Archived Projects Back to top
Bergen Arches Study
Bergen County Construction
Camden Central Gateway Improvement Project
Interstate 280 Stickel Bridge
Interstate 287 Rehabilitation Project
Interstate 295 Pavement Improvements
Interstate 295 Pavement Rehabilitation - Exit 24 to Exit 32
Interstate 295 Pavement Rehabilitation - Exit 45 to Exit 57
Interstate 295 Rehabilitation Project
Interstate 78 Resurfacing, Reconstruction
Interstate 80 Construction
Route 1 and 130 Interchange Project
Route 1 and Meadow Road construction
Route 1 and Nassau Park Boulevard construction
Route 1 Bridge Replacement
Route 1 Corridor Study
Route 1 Millstone River Bridge Replacement
Route 1 Pilot Project
Route 1 Rehabilitation, I-287 to the Garden State Parkway
Route 1&9 Merge
Route 1&9/35 Intersection Improvements
Route 1&9T (25) St. Paul's Viaduct Replacement
Route 1/Penns Neck Area
Route 3 Passaic River Crossing
Route 4&17 Interchange Project
Route 4/208 Construction
Route 9 and 35 Victory Circle Elimination/Route 9 Edison Bridge Construction
Route 9 Pavement Rehabilitation
Route 139 12th & 14th streets Viaduct Rehabilitation
Route 15 Study Executive Summary
Route 17/Essex Street Interchange Improvements
Route 18 Bridge over Route 1 Reconstruction Project
Route 18 Construction
Route 18/I-287 Connection
Route 21 Newark Needs Analysis
Route 21 (McCarter Highway)/Newark City Subway Extension (NCSE) Construction
Route 23 Sussex Borough Realignment
Route 29 Tunnel Project
Route 29 Waterfront Improvements
Route 30/130 Improvements
Route 35 Bridge over Manasquan River Rehabilitation
Route 35 Cooper's bridge Replacement Project
Route 35 Reconstruction Project
Route 35 Victory Bridge
Route 36 Highlands Bridge Replacement
Route 46 Corridor Projects
Route 46 Hackensack River Bridge
Route 52 Causeway Bridge Replacement
Route 57 Corridor Plan
Route 70 Bridge over Manasquan River
Route 70 Construction
Route 70 Medford-Evesboro Road Construction
Route 70/73 Marlton Circle Elimination Project
Route 72 Manahawkin Bay Bridge Deck Rehabilitation
Route 183 Bridge over NJ Transit and Netcong Circle Replacement Projects
Route 440 Improvement Project
University Heights Connector
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