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Extensions Study

The NJDOT Portway Extensions Concept Development Study begun in July 2002 and was completed in September 2003. The Study identified container/goods movement issues in addition to those addressed by the original Portway Phase I projects. The Study also recommended extensions that facilitate goods/container movements from northern New Jersey’s ports to their next destination and prioritized implementation.

The final Report was released on September 26, 2003. The report consists of three volumes which can be found in the documents listed below. These files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from our state Adobe Access page

Volume 1

Volume 1 Cover (pdf 209k)
Table of Contents (pdf 22k)
Section 1 - Introduction (pdf 290k)
Section 2 - Assembly of Existing Information (pdf 96k)
Section 3 - Stakeholder Outreach (pdf 23k)
Section 4 - Model Development (pdf 467k)
Section 5 - Traffic Data Collection (pdf 20k)
Section 6 - Existing Conditions (pdf 3.8mb)
Section 7 - Future Growth Containers (pdf 40k)
Section 8 - Future Growth Warehouse (pdf 75k)
Section 9 - No Action Condition( pdf 15.4mb)
Section 10 - Improvement Concepts (pdf 7.1mb)
Section 11 - Future Conditions with Improvements (pdf 33.2mb)
Section 12 - Improvement Prioritization (pdf 24k)
Section 13 - Conclusions, Recommendations, and Next Steps (pdf 32k)

Volume 2

Volume 2 Cover (pdf 212K)
Appendix A - Traffic Count Data (pdf 25,5mb)
Appendix B - Outreach Meeting Summaries (pdf 40mb)
Appendix C - Draft report Comments and Responses (pdf 9.3mb)

Volume 3

Volume 3 Cover (pdf 211k)
Appendix D - Roadway Network Performance Measures (pdf 241k) Appendix E - Environmental Screening (pdf 11mb)
Appendix F - Preliminary Construction Cost Estimates (pdf 308k)
Appendix G - Strategy Evaluations (pdf 8k)
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