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Division of Administration

Administrative Services

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action:
Darlene Hicks, Esq., EE0 / AA Officer    Tel.: 609-984-3587

The Department of the Treasury is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are working hard to ensure our department is a fair and diverse place to work. The Affirmative Action Officer handles AA/EEO issues for the Department of the Treasury and its direct employees. If you are a public works contractor or a vendor providing goods and/or services to a government entity and need to complete affirmative action reporting forms, please visit the Contract Compliance and Equal Employment Opportunity in Public Contracting website.

Office of Ethics Compliance:
Amanda Truppa, Director of Administration and Ethics Liaison Officer    Tel.: 609-943-5209

The Office of Ethics Compliance (OEC) is responsible for educating and advising Department employees regarding ethics issues related to the New Jersey Conflicts of Interest Law, State and Department ethics rules and policies, including applicable regulations and executive orders, and serves as the liaison between the Department and the State Ethics Commission. The OEC is responsible for developing and administering a comprehensive, agency-based ethics compliance program to ensure that employees receive required information and documents, complete necessary filings, attend mandatory training, and receive appropriate advice to avoid violations of ethics laws and regulations.

Fiscal and Resources:

The Office of Fiscal and Resources is responsible for the financial management of the Department of the Treasury and the administration of a number of Interdepartmental accounts for all State agencies. The responsibilities of this office include the proper allocation, management, expenditure and reporting of resources.

More Information:

Government Records Access Unit

The Budget Office develops the annual Treasury and interdepartmental budget submissions, and provides financial oversight by coordinating, reviewing and monitoring fiscal management budget reports. This unit also prepares extensive executive and legislative briefing materials for the budget each fiscal year. Responses to budget questions from the legislature's budget hearing process and press and public budget questions are also coordinated by this unit. Finally, the unit analyzes and recommends short and long-range financial strategies.

Tom Solecki
Tel.: 609-292-1147

All Fiscal Managers work closely with clients in planning and managing their financial position and are responsible for the proper allocation, expenditure and reporting of resources.

Michael Jonas, Deputy Director/CFO
Tel.: 609-984-4847

  • State-wide debt service payments.

Gary Pinar, Assistant Director Fiscal Management
Tel.: 609-633-7889

Manages all aspects of the Fiscal Management process, with direct supervision for the following Clients:

  • Treasury Administration
  • Treasurer's Office
  • Office of the Governor
  • Federal Liaison Office
  • Office of Public Communications
  • Gubernatorial Transition Teams
  • New Jersey Building Authority
  • Statewide Banking Services

Mona Cartwright
Tel.: 609-292-5621

Serves Clients:

  • Division of Purchase and Property
  • Office of Employee Relations
  • Office of Public Finance
  • Correction Ombudsperson
  • Division of Elder Advocacy
  • Division of Rate Counsel
  • Garden State Preservation Trust
  • Council on Local Mandates
  • Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Jacquelyn McCarty
Tel.: 609-633-9056

Serves Clients:

  • Government Records Access Unit

Reva Bethea
Tel.: 609-292-6865

Serves Clients:

  • Division of Pensions and Benefits
  • Division of State Lottery
  • Division of Investment
  • UMDNJ Tort Payments

Jeffrey Koval
Tel.: 609-633-9018

Serves Clients:

  • Statewide Capital Construction Projects

Clyde Mingo
Tel.: 609-292-6262

Serves Clients:

  • Cost Allocation Plans
  • Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services
  • Office of the State Comptroller
  • Office of Administrative Law
  • Public Broadcasting
  • Office of Management and Budget

Reva Bethea
Tel.: 609-292-6865

Serves Clients:

  • Print Shop
  • Capitol Post Office
  • Central Motor Pool
  • Distribution Center

Tom Solecki
Tel.: 609-292-1147

Oversees grants administration for various programs, prepares the Department of the Treasury's annual budget submission, and serves as fiscal manager for clients:

  • Property Rentals
  • Division of Risk Management
  • Division of Property Management & Construction
  • Capital City Redevelopment Corporation
  • Joint Management Commission
  • Household and Security Account
  • Select Statewide Capital Construction Projects

Mian Shi
Tel.: 609-633-9069

Serves Clients:

  • Division of Taxation
  • Unclaimed Property

Cathy Nichols
Tel.: 609-633-7407

Special Administrative Services
This unit is responsible for administering and coordinating many grants and specialty programs such as:

Fiscal's Operations and Transaction Processing Unit manages the financial position of Treasury, including the receipt, control and authorized use and accounting for all appropriations, revenues and expenditures. This unit serves as the departmental approval and processing agent for all procurements and disbursements, and ensures prompt payment to vendors, employees and other State agencies. Operations staff administer and bill out to using agencies from the intradepartmental telephone and postage accounts, handle state-wide debt service payments, and serve as financial advisor for various state development projects. In addition, the unit provides direct fiscal management services to the following clients:

  • Treasurer's Office
  • Office of the Governor
  • Federal Liaison Office
  • New Jersey Building Authority
  • Camden Chief Operating Officer

Michael Jonas, Deputy Director/CFO
Tel.: 609-984-4847

Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI) and Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC)

This unit is responsible for administering and coordinating many grants and specialty programs such as:

Cathy Nichols
Tel.: 609-633-7407

Human Resources:
Antoinette Morgano-Sargent, Human Resources Officer    Tel.: 609-292-5097    Fax: 609-984-5008
Address: 50 West State Street, 2nd Floor, Trenton, NJ 08625

Treasury Human Resources offers a full range of personnel services including organization planning and design, classification, compensation, recruitment, hiring, promotion, employee development, performance appraisal, payroll, timekeeping, leave administration, health benefits and labor relations.

Treasury operates under the rules of New Jersey Merit System. Like other state agencies, most of our positions require that candidates pass an examination and be appointed from an eligibility list established by the Civil Service Commission. You can go to the web site to see all job vacancy announcements in State and Local Government.

In the absence of a State list, or for some titles that do not require examination, Treasury does maintain a resume bank of individuals seeking employment.

Job Opportunities

How to Get the Most Out of Your Career

Resumes can be emailed to:

or sent to:
State of New Jersey
Department of the Treasury
Division of Administration - Human Resources
PO Box 210
Trenton, NJ 08625-0210

HR Operations is comprised of several units within the Human Resources office that directly support Treasury managers and employees by recruiting and hiring staff, coordinating and processing promotional actions, processing all personnel and positional transactions, maintaining and managing automated and paper employment records, processing payrolls and leave of absence requests, coordinating accident reporting and Workman's Compensation benefits, and reviewing and implementing workplace accommodations.

Antoinette Morgano-Sargent, Human Resources Officer
Tel.: 609-292-5097

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