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Division of Administration

Firefighter Cancer Screening Reimbursement Program For Government Entities Not Participating In SHBP

N.J.S.A 52:14-17.29ii(a) requires access to periodic cancer screenings for full-time paid firefighters not enrolled in the State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) within three years after the start of the firefighter's employment and every three years thereafter during the course of employment. The examination shall include, at a minimum and as applicable, the screening for eleven types of cancer pursuant to N.J.S.A 52:14-17.29ii(a). The State of New Jersey, through the Department of the Treasury's Division of Administration, will reimburse eligible public employers a maximum of $1,250 per firefighter over a three year period towards the costs associated with providing the required cancer screenings.

The Division of Administration is utilizing an online portal to submit reimbursement claims called SimpliGov. An authorized representative for the public employer, who will be responsible for submitting reimbursement claims, should fill out the registration form. The authorized representative will be required to upload a letter on public employer letterhead attesting to his or her authority to submit claims on behalf of the public employer.

Once the registration has been approved, the authorized representative will receive an email from Stephanie Hunt with instructions on how to set up the SimpliGov dashboard on their myNJ account. Instructions will also be provided on creating a myNJ account, should the authorized representative not already have an account. The SimpliGov dashboard will allow the authorized representative to submit claims as well as check the status of previously submitted claims.

A PowerPoint presentation is also available to guide public employers through the registration and claim submittal process.

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Last Updated: Monday, 03/11/24