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Records Management Services

New Jersey State Records Committee

The State Records Committee regulates the retention and disposal of all state and local public records and promulgates related standards. Created by the Public Records Act of 1953 , the committee consists of representatives of the:

  • Elizabeth Maher Muoio, Acting State Treasurer, (Amanda Truppa, designee (Chair and Secretary); James J. Fruscione, alternate designee)
  • Gubir S. Grewal, Attorney General, (Susan Scott, designee)
  • Stephen M. Eells, State Auditor, (Ken Kramli, designee; Thomas Troutman, alternate designee)
  • Jacquelyn Suarez, Director of Local Government Services (Jason Martucci, designee)
  • Joseph R Klett, Director of Division of Archives and Records Management, Department of State, (Donald Cornelius, designee)

Public Notice Guidelines for the State Records Committee.

SRC packets for official agenda’s and minutes of meetings.

The State Records Committee typically meets the 3rd Thursday of the month, from 10:00am to 12:00pm at the State Records Center. Please consult the schedule for actual dates.

Proposed State Records Committe Meetings - 2023
January 19*
February 17 - Canceled
March 16*
April 20
May 18*
June 15
July 20*
August 17
September 21*
October 19
November 16*
December 21
*Indicates a meeting called for emergency or special purposes.

Last Updated: Friday, 02/03/23