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Records Management Services

Imaging Registration

The State of New Jersey, by virtue of Public Law 1994, Chapter 140, allows the replacement of public records with digital images.

Imaging Documents

View the status of Registered Public Records Image Processing Systems in the State of New Jersey.

Please view the suggested guidelines to assist in using or considering acquisition of an electronic imaging system for storage and retrieval of records.

Other Documents

Disaster Prevention and Recovery

An agency must have a disaster plan to protect the documents in the imaging system. The plan should include standard back-up and recovery procedures, contact information for all who will be involved in response and recovery and their responsibilities.

Web Resources

Essential Elements of Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Document
  • Staff Responsibilities and Contact Information
  • Vendor(s) responsibilities and Contact Information—if applicable
  • Back-up Procedures
  • Back-up Media and Storage Location(s)
  • Alternate Site Location(s)
  • Action Plan

Last Updated: Wednesday, 04/28/21