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Status Reports

The links below provide information about development applications that are currently being processed by the Pinelands Commission. The information is intended to help the public follow the general progress of applications in which they are interested.

The Commission strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about applications. Please note the scheduled update time for each report to better understand the best time to check for updates. Any changes made to the application status after the scheduled update time will not be reflected in the status report until the next scheduled update.

Active Public Development Applications

Active Waivers of Strict Compliance Applications 

Development Applications (PDF)

To receive e-mailed notice when public development and waiver of strict compliance applications are complete and ready for public review and comment, please e-mail your full name to with the subject line "Request for Notice of Completed Public and Waiver Applications."

Public Procedure & Comments

The New Jersey Pinelands Commission greatly values the public's input because it leads to better, more informed decision-making. The Commission has established a public comment process that provides the public with opportunities to comment on public development applications, which go before the Commission for approval.

Under this process:

The public can follow the progress of active public development and waiver of strict compliance applications on the Commission's Status Reports webpage. 

The Commission updates two reports on this webpage, including Active Public Development Applications and Active Waiver of Strict Compliance Applications, each day to alert the public when public development and waiver of strict compliance applications are complete and when the public comment period will close. When an application is complete and ready for public comment, it is highlighted in red lettering on the report. Here's an example: 

Application#1999-9999.999 -- Pine Barrens County Authority
Received on: 4/11/2011
Project: Storm drainage improvements on Pine Barrens Boulevard
Municipality: Pinelands Township
Block: 999, Lot:
This application is complete and the final opportunity for oral public comment will occur at the 8/12/2016 Commission meeting. Written comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. that day or the close of the meeting, whichever is later.

When an application is complete and the public comment period has elapsed, it is highlight in blue. Here's an example:

Application#1998-9999.999 -- Pine Barrens County Authority
Received on: 8/4/2016
Project: Construction of a 150 foot high communications facility (tower)
Municipality: Pinelands Township
Block: 998, Lot 99
The public comment period for this application was closed on 7/14/2017. The application will be acted on at the 8/11/2017 Commission meeting.

When a public development or waiver application is deemed complete at least 10 days before the next scheduled Commission meeting, the Commission will accept comments on the application during that meeting. It will accept written comments on the application until 5 p.m. on the day of that meeting.

Following the meeting, the Commission's Executive Director will prepare and issue a report that summarizes and includes responses to public comments, as well as a recommendation for approval or denial of the application. The Commission will then vote on the application during its next meeting.

The documents below further clarify the process that is followed for public development and waiver of strict compliance applications.

Public Development and Waiver Submission Deadlines - This document identifies the dates by which steps in the application process must be completed for the Comission to vote on an application at a given monthly meeting.