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Contact Us - CBT - Managerial Registration

This page is only for Corporation Business Tax PIN inquiries by a corporation registering as the managerial member of a combined group.

Your Corporation Business Tax PIN is printed on the "Welcome Letter" you received when you first registered your business. Generally, it is the same 4-digit PIN used to submit other New Jersey tax payments and returns either online or by phone (e.g., Withholding Tax returns (Forms NJ-927/NJ-500 or Form NJ-927-W) or Sales and Use Tax returns (Forms ST-50/51)). If you need help obtaining your PIN, complete the form below.

In order for us to process your PIN request, you must provide us with your NJ Corporate ID Number. If you don't know your NJ Corporate ID number, you can access it through the Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services' Business Records Service using the "Business Entity Name Search."

If you are unable to use this form, contact our Customer Service Center.

Please check your email address carefully before you send your message. When you contact the Division of Taxation through the website we respond by email. If a response is required and you do not provide a valid email address, we will not be able to reply to your inquiry.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 08/31/21