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Department of the Treasury


Resources for Veterans & Active Service Members

The Department of the Treasury and the entire State of New Jersey sincerely value the sacrifices of our military veterans and active service members. While we can never fully repay our gratitude, we are working diligently to make life easier for the military community, including easing financial burdens through tax benefits and other programs, and providing services to help ease the transition to civilian life. Information on vital resources available through Treasury and other State agencies can be found below.

Treasury Department benefits and services for veterans:
  • Tax Benefits for Veterans: Treasury’s Division of Taxation oversees a number of tax benefits for veterans across the spectrum, including an annual $6,000 income tax exemption, ensuring combat pay is exempt from taxation, relief against property taxes and sales tax, and tax credits for Wounded Warriors Caregivers and Gold Star Family Counseling.
  • Business registration and certifications: Treasury’s Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services helps every business register to operate in New Jersey and oversees certification for Veteran-owned and Disabled Veteran-owned businesses. Get certified to take advantage of the state’s multi-billion dollar contracting universe.
  • Doing business with the state: Treasury’s Division of Purchase and Property has everything you need to know to pursue contracts with the state, including information on the Veteran-Owned Business (VOB) Set-Aside Program, which requires that state agencies give due consideration to certified VOBs when awarding contracts, and the Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (DVOB) Set-Aside Program, which awards three percent of state contracting and purchase order dollars to certified DVOBs.
  • Find unclaimed property: Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) is the custodian of over $5 billion in unclaimed property and works year round to return these assets to their rightful owners or heirs, including targeted outreach to veterans. Find out if you have any monetary assets in our possession.
Important services for veterans provided by other state departments:
  • The NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs assists veterans with crucial issues pertaining to employment, education, burial, counseling, housing, social and medical services, and many other areas of concern, in addition to providing trained and ready forces prepared for rapid response to a wide range of civil and military operations.
  • The NJ Department of Education offers expedited educator-certification application review for veterans and active-duty military spouses. The Department also offers a certification fee waiver to those veterans and active-duty military spouses for initial applications.
  • NJ TRANSIT offers discounts for military personnel, their families, and veterans, as well as career opportunities for veterans through the Edge4Vets program.
  • The NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency programs for first-time homebuyers and down payment assistance can be utilized with the VA’s home loan benefit.
  • The NJ Civil Service Commission has a Veteran’s Preference in employee selection that places qualified veterans at the top of an open competitive employment list.
  • The NJ Department of Corrections’ Office of Transitional Services provides pre-release interviews to determine eligibility for Veterans Benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance/Supplemental Security Income.
  • The NJ Department of Agriculture’s Homegrown by Heroes program is a marketing program that provides farmer veterans with a distinctive label to promote their agricultural products.
  • The NJ Department of Human Services oversees a number of critical social services , including food assistance, mental health services, addiction treatment, affordable health care coverage, and child care.
  • The NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority has several programs dedicated to making higher education more affordable.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 11/10/21