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Office of Management and Budget

Office Of Program Accountability And Audit

The Office of Program Accountability and Audit (OPAA), organized under the New Jersey Department of the Treasury’s Office of Management and Budget, is charged with assisting executive branch departments and agencies with enhancing compliance with program requirements and reducing budget risk associated with program and budget initiatives.  OPAA’s core functions include:
  • Monitor compliance and progress on implementation of budget initiatives, with particular focus placed on those aimed at reducing spending. OPAA focuses on the budget cycle to monitor compliance with budget initiatives and to determine if opportunities exist for potential savings in upcoming budget cycles.
  • Review departmental controls to ensure that services and benefits are consistent with the requirements of statutes, regulations and policies and are being delivered in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Review audits performed by the State Auditor, State Comptroller, and Federal Government to ensure any corrective action plans are in place prior to follow-ups by the audit agency, as well as review compliance with certain critical circular letters and policies as necessary.
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Last Updated: Friday, 02/18/22