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Division of Purchase and Property

Approved Sole Source Waivers Exceeding $500,000

ID Vendor Approval Date Description Amount
ID Vendor Approval Date Description Amount
AJ-021 Supplement #4 Amber Holdings (d/b/a Sum Total) 07.29.19 Enterprise Learning System $781,100.52
AM-035 Illumina 06.17.19 Equipment, Service, Reagents $581,726.70
AM-059 American Express 05.29.19 Credit Card Processing for State Agencies for their credit card brand $776,350
AN-015 Verizon New Jersey 05.24.19 Verizon 9-1-1 $13,000,000
AN-016 Various 06.11.19 CLEC 9-1-1 services $17,000,000
AN-020 New Meridian Corp. 06.28.19 Intellectual property needed for 2019/2020 school performance assessments $6,498,086.50
AN-022 Center for the Study of Social Policy 06.28.19 Federal monitor of the class action lawsuit $1,504,812
AN-024 National Council on Crime & Delinquency 07.11.18 Online data reporting and technical assistance $730,056.25
AL-040 Supplement #1 New Meridian Corp. 10.22.18 Final invoice for actual student test counts $980,9334.54
AM-029 Teradata Government Solutions 10.02.18 Maintenance & License Agreements for Taxation Data Warehouse $1,240,696.36
AM-044 Atos IT Solutions Atos IT Solutions 12.28.18 Refresh of Bull Escala servers $966,990.16

Last Updated: Friday, 09/20/19