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Division of Risk Management

Insurance Company Inquiries

1. If you are an insurance company inquiring as to whether the State of New Jersey will be presenting a claim for damages caused by your insured, please follow the steps below:

A. For roadway damage: Please check Box #99 at the top left hand corner of the police report for guidance(Box 4 in old version of Report). Codes 1-4 in boxes #4 and #99 would indicate State jurisdiction.

B. Accidents on the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike or the Atlantic City Expressway are not handled by this office:

C. After determining whether the State is involved, please fax or mail the police report, along with a letter with all of your contact information (name of your insured/driver, claim number, fax, email, etc.,) to the address below.

  • Division of Risk Management
  • Attn: Subrogation Unit
  • P.O. Box 620
  • Trenton, New Jersey 08625

  • Tel.: 609-292-4347
  • Fax: 609-984-8486
  • Please diary your case for 60 days, especially for road claims. You may follow- up by calling Tel.: 609-292-4347.

2. If you are an insurance company looking to file a claim against the State of New Jersey based on your belief that a State employee, agency or department caused property damage or bodily injury to your insured, be advised as follows:

  • Under N.J.S.A 59:9-2, insurance companies are prohibited from subrogating against the State, in an effort to limit the liability exposure of public entities.
  • Your insured can, however, submit a claim for reimbursement of their deductible and other costs expenses not otherwise covered by the insurance policy, by filling out the attached claim form.

Last Updated: Thursday, 04/30/20