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Division of Risk Management


Peter Ramos, Assistant Director
Tel.: 609- 984-7757

The Operations Unit ensures that the mission of the Division of Risk Management is carried out by maintaining a properly staffed, functional office. The unit establishes and maintains clear communication with other State agencies either by written contact or regularly scheduled meetings. The Operations Unit is the first line of contact for the Division of Risk Management. Its role is to quickly route inquiries to the proper units within the Division to ensure that State workers in need of treatment or benefits get them quickly and that losses to the State are minimized.

File Unit
Stephen Silagy, Claims Investigator 3
Tel.: 609-984-9676

The File Unit ensures that court calendars are properly maintained and that case files are retrieved in an accurate and timely manner in support of the Deputy Attorneys General who are assigned to the Division.

Customer Service Unit
David Kraus, Administrative Analyst 4, Information Systems
Tel.: 609-984-9727

The Customer Service Unit ensures the accurate handling of all phone calls from State agencies reporting employee accidents. The unit is responsible for routing claims to the proper investigators for quick review. Customer Service is the first contact for all State agencies calling to report claims involving injuries to State employees.

Information Technology Unit
David Kraus, Administrative Analyst 4, Information Systems
Tel.: 609-984-9725

The Information Technology Unit’s primary responsibility is the management and support of the Risk Management Information System (RMIS). A critical statewide system, RMIS supports the functions and programs of the various units of the Division by providing systems to assist with claims administration, management decision support, financial system information, funds transfer, employee benefit time keeping, remote access and remote file transfer. RMIS communicates with the State’s financial system, NJCFS, the State’s Payroll system, Title and Position systems and various Horizon Casualty Service systems. The system’s large storage of data can be useful in loss prevention, claims management, financial management, and budgeting. RMIS is available to all qualified users within the Garden State Network and from outside the network on the World Wide Web.

Last Updated: Thursday, 07/07/22