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Division of Risk Management

Any paper RM1 State Vehicle Accident and Incident Form submitted prior or subsequent to the March 1, 2021 effective date will be returned to the employee and/or agency fleet vehicle coordinator, via email, with instructions on how to complete the new digital form.

The digital form must be filled out by all State employees involved in any type of incident or accident, while operating any of the vehicles listed below:

  • Pool or assigned State vehicles
  • Rental vehicles secured by a State agency
  • Personal automobiles State employees use for official State Business
  • Vehicles that State Colleges and Universities own under the Executive Auto Program
  • Vehicles with State VIP plates, Cabinet plates, or Confidential plates
  • Vehicles on loan to or authorized for use by a State agency from another government or private entity.

Please view the instructions on how to complete the form. Click the “Forms” tab and select the drop down entitled “State employees, Departments and Agencies”.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 09/07/21