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Division of Taxation

What is an Inheritance or Estate Tax Waiver (Form 0-1)?

Form 0-1 is a “waiver" that represents the written consent of the Director of the Division of Taxation to transfer or release certain property in the name of a decedent.

New Jersey property (such as real estate located in NJ, NJ bank and brokerage accounts, stocks of companies incorporated in NJ, and NJ bonds, etc.) cannot be transferred or released without this consent.

A separate waiver will be issued for each asset.

Each waiver will contain specific information about the property (such as: bank name, account balances, and names on the account).

IMPORTANT: Form 0-1 only can be issued by the Division. You do not fill out the waiver.

Do You Need to Get a Tax Waiver or Pay Tax?

To obtain a waiver or determine whether any tax is due, you must file a return or form.

The type of return or form required generally depends on:

  • The relationship of the beneficiaries to the decedent; and
  • The size (in dollar value) of the whole estate.

To determine which return or form to file, see the Executor’s Guide to Inheritance and Estate Taxes

Last Updated: Monday, 11/23/20