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To All EFT Filers Of The Cape May County
Tourism Assessment
May 15, 2003

The 1.85% Cape May County Tourism assessment is applicable to all room rentals on and after April 1, 2003. Therefore, the first return/remittance is due May 20, 2003. For purposes of remitting the 7% sales tax, 2% tourism tax and 1.85% assessment through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system, there is not a separate field set up for the 1.85% Assessment. The EFT system will only prompt you to remit the 7% Sales Tax and the 2% Tourism Tax.

The funds that represent collection of the 1.85% tourism assessment (ST-350, line 16) should be included with the 2% tourism tax payment. For example, with a taxable receipt of $1000.00, the 2% Tourism Tax and the 1.85% Assessment total $38.50 ($20 plus $18.50). The $38.50 will be entered at the prompt. The ST-350 return will indicate the appropriate breakdown of the payment.

You should continue this EFT procedure unless notified by the Division.

Last Updated: Thursday, 12/14/17

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