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Division of Taxation

Business Taxes and Fees

Type Service
Sales and Use Tax Energy
Hotel/Motel State Occupancy Fee and Municipal Occupancy Tax
Luxury and Fuel Inefficient Vehicle Surcharge
Admissions Surcharge
Meadowlands Regional Hotel Use Assessment
Nursing Home Assessment
Prearranged Ride Surcharge
Pass-Through Business Alternative Income Tax
Cape May County Tourism Sales Tax and Tourism Assessment
Combined Atlantic City Luxury/State Sales Tax
Urban Enterprise Zone Monthly Return (UZ50)
Tobacco and Vapor Products Tax Monthly Return (VB-100)
Motor Fuels Tax Online Tax Payments
Fur Clothing Retail Gross Receipts and Use Tax Quarterly Return
Sports and Entertainment Facility Tax - Millville District Quarterly Return (SM-100)
Cosmetic Medical Procedures Gross Receipts Tax Quarterly Return (CMPT-100)
Domestic Security Fee Quarterly Return (DSF-100)
9-1-1 System and Emergency Response Fee Quarterly Return (ERF-100)
Recycling Tax Quarterly Return (RC-100)
Motor Vehicle Tire Fee Quarterly Return (TIR-100)
Employer Withholding (Payroll) Taxes Quarterly/Monthly Return (NJ-927/NJ-500 and NJ-927W) Annual Return for Domestic Employers (NJ-927-H ) Quarterly Employer Report of Wages Paid (WR-30)
Sales and Use Tax/Salem Sales and Use Tax

Quarterly/Monthly Return (ST-50/ST-51/ST-50C)(ST-450/ST451)(ST-50B/450B)
Information About The New Sales Tax Partial Exemption and Cap Effective February 1, 2016.

Attention Boat and Vessel Sellers

We have completed the upgrade to the Sales and Use Tax Online Services. You are now able to file the Sales and Use Tax Return specific to Boat and Vessel sellers (ST-50B and ST-450B).



All Quarters EXCEPT 3rd Quarter 2006

3rd Quarter 2006 Only

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