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Division of Taxation

The Office of Legislative Analysis, Grants, and Disclosure

The Office of Legislative Analysis, Grants, and Disclosure (OLAGD) is comprised of three units:
  • Legislative Analysis;
  • Disclosure; and
  • Grants
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Legislative Analysis

The Legislative Analysis Unit is responsible for reviewing all tax bills introduced in the State Legislature and any federal legislation that may impact NJ taxpayers.
The unit evaluates the potential administrative, fiscal, and policy implications of proposed legislation.

New Laws Impacting the Division

New Jersey Legislature Website

To contact the Office of Legislative Analysis and Grants:

By Phone: 609-322-9100


The Grant, Credit Review Unit (GCRU) is responsible for reviewing and processing grants and tax credits for more than a dozen State business incentive tax grant programs. The unit:

  • Works closely with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) to implement and manage these programs;
  • Assists developers and other taxpayers to ensure they are following current tax requirements, educates stakeholders and grant/credit recipients regarding document submissions;
  • Reviews grant submissions to ensure that recipients are eligible and in compliance with current tax law.

Helpful Resources:

Registration for Grant Recipients (ERG and Brownfield)

New Jersey Business Portal

New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA)

To contact the Office of Legislative Analysis and Grants:

By Phone: 609-292-7127

The Disclosure Office is responsible for ensuring the Division complies with confidentially confidentiality statutes of the State of New Jersey and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to protect State and federal tax information. The office:
  • Oversees the Division’s tracking, storing, and securing of data, both in the physical offices and with the Garden State Network to conform with federal standards;
  • Provides training to employees and contractors, conducts internal inspections, and updates policies and processes to protect sensitive data; and
  • Works with the IRS, other New Jersey State Agencies, and out-of-State agencies to facilitate and review the exchange of tax data for administrative and enforcement purposes.

The Disclosure Officer and staff are the point of receipt for OPRA (Open Public Records Act) requests by reviewing, researching, and preparing the Divisions responses.

OPRA requests that include taxpayer information require the completion of an Appointment of Taxpayer Representative Form (M-5008-R).

To contact the Disclosure Office:

By Phone: 609-292-7128 Disclosure Hotline

By Email:

Last Updated: Wednesday, 02/09/22