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Division of Taxation

Regulatory Services Branch

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Regulatory Services Branch
The Regulatory Services Branch provides guidance and support to the Division and the public by:
  • Providing advice, information, and written guidance to promote voluntary compliance with New Jersey tax statutes and regulations;
  • Providing administrative and enforcement advice to the Division on all tax laws;
  • Drafting potential new legislation;
  • Reviewing proposed legislation;
  • Providing technical assistance in the implementation of new tax laws;
  • Responding to taxpayers? questions and requests for advice; and
  • Issuing Technical Bulletins, Technical Advisory Memorandums (TAMs), publications.

Helpful Resources:

Administrative Rules and Notices

Regulatory Services is responsible for coordinating the drafting of all Division administrative rules and notices through the Administrative Practice Officer (APO). The APO works with the Office of Administrative Law to oversee the distribution of the Division?s rules and their official publication in the New Jersey Register.

Proposed and Adopted Administrative Rules

GIT/REP Waiver Program

The GIT/REP (Gross Income Tax/Required Estimated Payment) Waiver Program waives the 2 percent estimated Gross Income Tax payment required from nonresidents selling or transferring property in New Jersey and other real property transfer issues.


Exempt Organization Unit

The section:The Exempt Organization Unit processes and makes determinations on applications for Sales and Use Tax Exempt Organization Certificates.

Sales and Use Tax Review Commission

The Executive Secretary to the Sales and Use Tax Review Commission is a member of the Regulatory Services Branch and is responsible for providing support to the Commission.

The Commission reviews proposed legislation that would affect the New Jersey Sales and Use Tax Act.

The Executive Secretary is responsible for coordinating Division resources, scheduling and facilitating Commission meetings, and issuing an annual report on behalf of the Commission.

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