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Division of Taxation

Small Business Workshops

Small Business Workshops are half-day seminars that are designed to assist the small business owner in meeting their responsibilities under New Jersey tax law. These seminars are provided by the Division of Taxation at no cost to the participants and are presented at locations throughout the state.

Note: The IRS does not participate in these seminars.

The workshops include the following topics:
  • Registering your business with New Jersey’s Division of Taxation, Division of Revenue and Department of Labor.
  • Filing Sales and Use Tax Returns.
  • Meeting employer responsibilities.
  • Reporting business income.
Division personnel will explain proper procedures for collecting and remitting various New Jersey taxes. A focal point of each workshop is the sales tax responsibilities of small businesses including the description of taxable and exempt sales and services. Discussions will also highlight different types of business ownership and the tax consequences of each one.

A schedule of Small Business Workshops is available for your reference. To attend a workshop, interested parties should register with the contact person listed for each event. The contact person can also provide the time of the workshop, parking information and directions to the location. The Division does not manage the registration process.

For Further Information:

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