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Division of Taxation

Setting Up a VITA Site

The IRS and the New Jersey Division of Taxation provide assistance and support to volunteer sites. This assistance is in the form of training, supplies of forms and schedules, and contacts for questions and guidance during the season. The IRS also provides training and support for VITA sites wishing to file returns electronically.

The IRS has a publication available for volunteers and potential volunteers. Publication 1084, Catalog Number 46945O, 'Volunteer Coordinator's Handbook'- covers many topics to give you insight into what is expected of volunteers in this program. Listed below are some of the topics that are contained in this handbook:

  • The VITA Program - Overview
  • Starting a VITA Group
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the IRS in VITA
  • Training
  • Establishing a VITA Site
  • Managing a VITA Site

The publication also lists things that volunteers at the VITA site are expected to do as well as things they are not expected to do. For example, volunteers will not prepare complicated returns, distribute tax forms, or answer technical questions for which they have not been trained. They will, however, be expected to prepare the basic forms and assist with State forms.

VITA sites provide free tax assistance. No fee can be charged to taxpayers seeking assistance at a VITA or TCE site. If you are interested in starting a VITA site, visit the IRS Grant Program website for information.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12/12/23