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Become a VITA Volunteer

The Volunteer Return Preparation Program

The Volunteer Return Preparation Program originated in 1969. Since the Internal Revenue Service implemented the program, thousands of volunteers have prepared millions of tax returns across the country.

The VITA Program

Since 1971, the Internal Revenue Services' Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program has assisted millions of taxpayers at thousands of tax sites nationwide.

This program offers free tax help to people who cannot afford professional assistance. Volunteers help prepare basic tax returns in community and neighborhood centers, libraries, schools, and other convenient locations.

A major initiative of the program is to encourage taxpayers to file their returns, federal and State, electronically. Each year the number of taxpayers that take advantage of this method continues to grow.

How To Volunteer

The IRS can provide contacts for the VITA site nearest to you. As a volunteer, you will not prepare complicated returns, distribute tax forms, or answer technical questions for which you have not been trained. However, you will be expected to prepare the basic forms and assist with State forms.

If you wish to volunteer as a VITA Volunteer and/or want more information about the program, visit IRS Tax Volunteers.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12/12/23