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Division of Taxation

Voluntary Disclosure Businesses

If you wish to proceed with a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA), you must submit:

  • 2. A written proposal including:
    • Date taxable business activities commenced in New Jersey;
    • Description of the activities that exceeded P.L. 86-272 for the years involved;
    • Taxes to be filed and paid. You also must indicate whether any Trust Fund Taxes have been collected, but not yet remitted;
    • A statement that you are not currently under review or under criminal investigation for any tax obligations;
    • A statement regarding your company's registration/authorization status in New Jersey for applicable taxes;
    • Which federal business tax return your company files;
    • Your accounting period year end date;
    • Contact information for you or your representative, including an email address.

    We will review each request and assign an identifying number to it. We will contact you regarding your submission.

    The executed agreement will clearly state:

    • The taxes that are due;
    • The effective date of the tax eligibility;
    • When you must submit the returns; and
    • Your requirement for completing tax registration forms and the Nexus Questionnaire.

    Penalty and Interest


    • We will waive all penalties relating to the tax returns and periods subject to the agreement. However, a penalty of 5% will be imposed for failure to take advantage of the Tax Amnesty Program, which ended January 15, 2019. The penalty, which is not eligible for abatement, will be imposed in all instances for Amnesty-eligible years. In addition, we will impose a penalty of 5% (not eligible for abatement) on any Trust Fund Taxes that were collected but not remitted.


    • We assess statutory interest for the tax returns and periods included in the agreement. By law, we cannot abate interest.

    We can terminate an executed Voluntary Disclosure Agreement if you have any undisclosed existing compliance issues or fail to comply with any terms of the agreement.We can offer similar incentives if you do not qualify for a formal VDA, but voluntarily come forward to resolve tax issues and bring your company into compliance.

    If you wish to proceed with the VDA process (or if you have any question regarding the Program), contact Mariane Lyczak by phone at 609-322-6968 or by mail at:

    NJ Division of Taxation
    Office Audit Branch
    P.O. Box 269
    Trenton, New Jersey 08695-0269

    If you are doing business in multiple states, the MultiState Tax Commission also has a Voluntary Disclosure Program (through its National Nexus Program). The Commission can be reached at:

    National Nexus Program
    MultiState Tax Commission
    444 N Capitol Street NW STE 425
    Washington, DC 20001

    Phone 202-695-8140

    Referrals from MTC must also meet the Division's general guidelines as outlined above.

Last Updated: Monday, 03/21/22