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Welcome to Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability

The mission of Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability (AQES) is to evaluate and support the development and implementation of secure and resilient energy systems and sustainable environmental practices,  while protecting the public from unnecessary radiation exposure and ensuring the State’s air is clean and safe.

Programs IN ACTION

NJDEP Seeks Nominations for 37th Annual Recycling Awards

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is looking to honor businesses, local and state government agencies, organizations, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of recycling in New Jersey.  For more information about the awards program, or to nominate yourself of others, go to

The deadline for submittals is August 11, 2017, and the award winners will be notified in September.

NJDEP Helps Celebrate an NJ Recycling Landmark Event

On April 12, 2017, NJ DEP joined the Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR) at their Annual Meeting to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the passing of New Jersey’s Source Separation and Recycling Act.  In addition to NJDEP Commissioner Martin, the celebration featured speakers from both the past and present of recycling, including Former Senator Paul Contillo, who sponsored the Act; and his daughter Angela Andersen, Sustainability Coordinator for Long Beach Township. Commissioner Martin spoke about the accomplishments of the Act, which made New Jersey a national leader in recycling, and emphasized the continued need for recycling outreach and education. To learn more about recycling in NJ, visit

NJ Receives $72.2Million from Volkswagen Federal Trust

New Jersey recently announced that it would receive $72.2 million from a federal trust created to mitigate the damages from Volkswagen’s decision to install emission cheating devices on thousands of their vehicles, harming public health and the environment.   Read the Governor’s Office press release at  For more information on the Volkswagen issue, or to suggest mitigation projects, visit

Construction Equipment Retrofit Funds Now Available

AQES’ Bureau of Mobile Sources is pleased to announce the availability of funding for construction equipment owners to install pollution control devices (retrofits) or replace their equipment.  Funding is currently available for installing pollution control devices (retrofits) on construction equipment (100% of the cost of the device and installation), or purchasing replacement equipment (up to 30% of the purchase, not to exceed $100,000).   The funding will help reduce emissions of diesel particles and improve air quality.  For more information on this program and to learn how to get started, visit:

Programs IN FOCUS

AQES’ Role in Facilitating Electric Vehicle Deployment

In New Jersey, the transportation sector and is a large factor in creating ground-level ozone, or smog, the State’s most pervasive health-related air pollutant.  Tailpipe emissions also include toxics that are harmful to public health. And the transportation sector accounts for almost half of the State’s greenhouse gas emissions. Greater use of electric vehicles will address all of these issues, reducing pollution and improve the quality of our air.

The State’s Energy Master Plan highlights electric vehicles as one of the options that will drive New Jersey’s transportation future. Since electric vehicles run on electricity stored in a battery, they are ultimately powered by New Jersey’s electrical grid, which is among the cleanest in the nation. Therefore, charging an electric vehicle in New Jersey reduces harmful emissions compared to driving a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. 

AQES looks at electric vehicle deployment from all angles, including the technology, charging infrastructure, regulations, incentives, outreach and education, and regional coordination.  The Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) program focuses on getting electric vehicles to NJ, while the highly successful It Pays to Plug In: Electric Vehicle Workplace Charging Grant Program encourages employers to install electric vehicle charging equipment. It Pays to Plug In has awarded nearly $850,000 for 180 charging stations, and will expand beyond workplace charging in the Fall of 2018.  AQES also works with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to promote cleaner transportation alternatives.

Finally, AQES works to inform New Jersey’s public about the benefits of electric vehicles and dispel the myths about electric vehicle ownership.  For more information about AQES’ Electric Vehicle efforts, visit



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