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Information for Employers
Learn more about our programs and the employer's role in the process.
2024 Employee Contribution Rate

TDI - There will continue to be no Temporary Disability employee contribution deductions for the 2024 calendar year. 

FLI - Employees will contribute 0.09% of the first $161,400 in covered wages. The maximum FLI worker contribution for 2024 is $145.26.

Year-End Statements for Employers

Your year-end statement shows tax information for employees who collected Temporary Disability benefits. It is available online for employers to download in January for the preceding calendar year. You can view statements from prior years up through 2022. 

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The Employer and HR Professional Toolkit

All the tools you'll need to help employees navigate our benefit programs.

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Read our Printable Handout

Our helpful handout summarizes what employers and human resources staff need to know about Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance.

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The Notice of Disability Benefits Charged or Credited

Learn how to keep track of the benefits your employees' receive and how the benefits impact your disability experience rating account. 

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