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Introducing a new application for Unemployment Insurance benefits in New Jersey

a woman using her smartphone to apply for UI benefits

We're happy to share that our new, user-friendly online application for Unemployment Benefits is now available!

Here's what you can expect.

The improvements we've made

  • You can now save and finish your application later or start over.
  • The application is easy to complete on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • We maximized accessibility for assistive devices.
  • There's more “help” text (as suggested by NJ residents who tested our application) for certain questions.
  • We removed some questions to make it easier to finish in one sitting.
  • The application is available in English and Spanish.
  • You'll be directed to where you need to file if you’re not eligible for NJ unemployment benefits based on your initial answers in the application. For example, if you only have employment in another state other than NJ, you will see this message:

screenshot of UI application

  • Throughout the process, you'll also get information and action items specific to your own claim, like the message below:

screenshot of new UI application

What the process will look like

  1. After you create an account or sign in, you’ll see a new homepage with instructions on preparing to apply if you don’t have an existing claim (see image below). Click “Continue” when you’re ready.

    screenshot of the new UI application

  2. We’ll start your application based on details from your account.

    screenshot of the new UI application

  3. Then you’ll see a page with a set of questions we’ll use to see if you can use the new application. The only customers who won't be able to use the new application are those filing federal, military, or reopener claims.

    screenshot of the new UI application

Learn more about our modernization efforts