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Division of Taxation

NJ Tax Relief for Hurricane Florence Victims

The New Jersey Division of Taxation is following the federal guidelines for tax relief as recently provided in the Internal Revenue Service announcement NC-2018-03 and issued September 15, 2018 for victims of Hurricane Florence. Affected taxpayers include businesses and individuals located in the disaster areas, those whose tax records are in the disaster areas, and relief workers.

The IRS has extended deadlines for certain taxpayers affected by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina that apply to:

  • Filing returns;
  • Paying taxes; and
  • Performing certain other time-sensitive acts

Taxpayers affected by Hurricane Florence now have until January 31, 2019 to file their New Jersey tax returns and submit payments for any return and/or payment, including estimated payments, which have either an original or extended due date between September 7, 2018 and before January 31, 2019. If the IRS further extends the filing deadline for federal tax purposes, the deadline for New Jersey returns and payments will also be extended.

To qualify for this relief, affected taxpayers must write in black ink “Presidential Disaster Relief Area – Hurricane Florence” at the top, center of their New Jersey tax return and/or payment when filed.

If you are affected by Hurricane Florence and the due date for filing your return and for paying your tax is postponed by the Division of Taxation, you may be eligible for interest and penalty abatement on underpaid tax that would otherwise accrue for the period of the postponement. For information concerning abatement of penalties and/or interest, affected taxpayers should call our Customer Service Center at 609-292-6400.

For additional information about New Jersey tax relief for those affected by Hurricane Florence call the Customer Service Center at 609-292-6400 or e-mail the Division with your question.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 03/10/21