Support Coordination

Care management and Individualized Service Plan (ISP) development is provided by independent Support Coordinators (SCs) working for DDD/Medicaid-approved Support Coordination Agencies (SCAs).  Support coordinators are required to conduct monthly health and safety monitoring to ensure that ISP services are being delivered and continue to meet individual needs.

Individuals can either choose the SCA they wish to work with or choose to be assigned to an SCA.  The SCA then assigns a SC to work with the individual and caregivers to complete the Person-Centered Planning Tool (PCPT) and the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

For an individual to select a Support Coordination Agency, the Support Coordination Agency Selection Form must be submitted to DDD.

Individuals have the right to change their Support Coordination Agency if they choose to do so.  To request this change, the Support Coordination Agency Selection Form is also used and must be submitted to DDD.

To assist in the selection of a Support Coordination Agency, an up-to-date list of approved Support Coordination Agencies is available. To aid individuals and families in understanding the process for selecting an SCA, The Boggs Center has developed two helpful guides: