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Expectation vs. Reality: When Limitations Affect Your Disability Benefits

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We carefully review all applications for Temporary Disability Insurance benefits to make sure they meet eligibility requirements, including minimum earnings and proof of medical care.

There are additional reasons we may not be able to approve all or some of the benefits you are claiming.

Your benefits may not be approved or may be reduced if:

  • Your disability does not exceed seven days in length. The first seven consecutive days of each period of disability is known as the waiting week. The waiting week becomes payable when benefits have been paid for all or some part of each of the three weeks immediately following the waiting week.
  • You already have received 26 weeks of benefits for this period of disability, the maximum number of weeks allowable for any one period of disability.
  • You became disabled more than 14 days after your last day of work. However, you may be eligible for benefits through our Disability During Unemployment program.
  • You are not currently receiving medical care from an approved medical provider.
  • The disability resulted from the commission of a criminal act or was self-inflicted.
  • You were discharged by your most recent employer for gross misconduct connected with the work, due to the commission of an act punishable as a crime under the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice.
  • You worked and received wages after the period of disability began.
  • Your disability began during a labor dispute at your most recent place of employment.
  • You are still receiving wages from the most recent employer, which together with the Temporary Disability Benefits, exceeds your regular weekly wages immediately prior to the onset of the disability.
  • You received Unemployment Insurance benefits, Social Security Disability benefits, or workers' compensation benefits for your period of disability.
  • You are receiving a pension to which your most recent employer contributed.
  • You owe a garnishment for child support.
  • You have an overpayment from a previous disability or family leave claim. 
  • You filed your application more than 30 days after the start of your disability claim without good cause. 

If you still have questions about your application, contact us for more information.