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What employers need to know about Unemployment Insurance fraud

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Have questions related to employees refusing an offer to return to work following a COVID-related business closure or furlough? Read the latest guidance here.

Employers are the front line of defense against unemployment insurance fraud. Fraud is usually a “wage-benefit conflict” that occurs when a claimant is working while collecting Unemployment Insurance benefits and not reporting his or her earnings to the Division.

Form B-187Q, “Unemployment Benefits Charged to Experience Rating Account,” is mailed to employers each quarter. The form is not a bill, but it is a statement providing the names and Social Security numbers of claimants who are collecting benefits against your account, the date they filed their claims, the compensable weeks they have been paid, and the amount paid in each of those weeks.

If a claimant returns to work for you, a chargeable employer, while continuing to collect Unemployment Insurance benefits, indicate the return-to-work date in the space provided as the reason for protest. We will start an investigation upon receipt of the B-187Q.

If you have information that a claimant has been working for another employer while receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits on your account, report the potential fraud immediately. 

You may report any case of Unemployment Insurance fraud of which you become aware, regardless of whether the claimant ever worked for you. Reporting fraud will prompt an immediate investigation.