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A Primary Care Physician (PCP) is the medical professional that provides preventative care through general checkups and provides treatment for routine, minor conditions. PCPs are the individuals sought out for colds, minor rashes, vaccines, etc. A PCP will not take emergency visitations such as a broken arm. In cases where a Primary Care Physician feels uncertain or unable to treat a patient, a referral to a specialist can be made or the patient can be sent to a local hospital.

There are a variety of PCPs; for more information Nemours Kids Health offers the following resource:  What's a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

If you have an open DCPP case you may have an assigned Child Health Nurse; the Child Health Unit (CHU) nurse can provide health care consultation and assist with referrals to specialist as needed. Contact your DCPP worker for more info.  

Additionally, there may be resources through your health insurance, which can direct you to a PCP who’s covered under your health insurance.

All children in out-of-home placement must be enrolled in a Managed Care Organization (MCO). MCO Care Managers are a valuable resource to the CHUs and DCP&P. They can identify Primary Care and Specialty providers for needed services, assist with coordination of care and assist in navigating the managed care system. The MCO Case Manager can help resolve issues when barriers are encountered such as denial of medications, a need for Durable Medical Equipment, or other health care services. The MCO Care Managers should be contacted directly with any issues regarding access to covered services or navigating the MCO benefit plan. 

To find a doctor who accepts your insurance please contact your HMO Member services. Your HMO is listed on your insurance card.

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