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What services does PerformCare provide?
The Department of Children and Families contracts with PerformCare through the Children’s System of Care to provide behavioral and emotional health services, resources for children and youth (under the age of 21) with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance use and addiction treatment. These services vary depending on agency and level of need.

How is eligibility determined?
Youth residing in New Jersey under the age of 21 are eligible for services through PerformCare.

How to access PerformCare services?
To connect to behavioral health services call 1-877-652-7624, or access resources by going to the PerformCare website.

Consent from the Legal Guardian is required for PerformCare to register a youth and authorize services.

A youth 18 or older can contact PerformCare and request services for themselves. Services can only be authorized with consent from the Legal Guardian.

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